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PowerPoint Checklist (for Presenters)

Criteria and guidelines in checklist form for preparing and uploading your PowerPoint into your ON24 webcast.

As you prepare for your live webcast, it’s important to make sure your PowerPoint presentation is set up correctly. To ensure your PowerPoint uploads and converts properly, please review the criteria below and verify your PowerPoint meets these requirements before uploading it to your webcast.

As a best practice, we recommend uploading your PowerPoint at least 24 - 48 hours prior to the live event.

Your PowerPoint slide deck should be saved in a PPT or PPTX format, and should not exceed 50Mb in size.

Video Tutorial: 

If your PowerPoint does not upload as expected, immediately submit a case for technical support and attach your slide deck to the case.  Please do not continue to attempt to upload your PowerPoint as this will exacerbate the issue and prolong the time it takes to reach a resolution.

Confirm the slide deck is set to a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio
To verify click on the Design Tab > Page Setup> Slides Sized for On Screen Show 4:3 or 16:9


Confirm no sound, music, or voice narration is being used.


Confirm there are no embedded Excel files, SmartArt Graphics, or animated GIFs– embedded files are not supported.

  Confirm there are no slides with embedded fonts - embedded fonts are not supported.

Confirm there are no embedded audio, video or flash clips being used – We can support video files, but they must be uploaded separately from the slide deck.


If using animations, confirm the first animation on each slide is set to Start on Click.
From Animations Tab> Animation Pane>1st Animation in Pane should start on click


Slide transitions are supported.


Confirm only one Master Slide is used

From View Tab> Select Master > Master Slide > Delete any master slides beyond the first one


Confirm slides are numbered starting from 1
From Design Tab > Page Setup > Number Slides From > 1 image


Confirm all elements (text, images, etc.) are within the borders of the slide

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