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Troubleshooting Your Webinar

This article provides some basic steps for troubleshooting your webinar.

Common Webcast Issue Resolutions (Best Practices)

  1. Use a stable high-speed Internet connection. 
    • Test your connection here
  2. Use another web browser
  3. Clear your cache
  4. Close all other applications
  5. Restart your computer (if there is time to reboot)


Attendees Cannot Register

If you are hearing that attendees can’t register usually this means the user is trying to access the wrong URL.  The Audience URL is the correct URL.

  1. Go to the event’s Audience URL and verify that you can register.
  2. Prospective attendees should double-check the URL and try again.
  3. If they are still unable to register, advise them to try with a different browser.

There is No Audio Coming from the Audience Console 

If no audio is coming from the audience console:

  1. Confirm that Start Live was clicked and confirm that End Webcast was not.
  2. Confirm that the phone bridge was dialed and presenters are on the line and not on mute.

Presenters are Unable to Access the Phone Line

When dialing into the phone bridge, you or other Presenters and Producers are getting a message that the event is “not available for live streaming” or that the “passcode is unrecognized.”

  1. All presenters use the same Dial-in Number and Passcode. Be sure the passcode has been entered correctly.
  2. Check that the Live Start Date, Time, and Time Zone are accurately set to the desired date, time, and time zone for the webcast. If one or more of these happen to be incorrect, the streaming line may not yet be active.

There is Static on the Phone Bridge 

If you hear static on the line have everyone hang up and call back into the same number.

  4. FAB 415-481-6008 - DEFAULT LOCAL FOR ODD EVENT ID's

If this does not solve the problem call the Live Event Emergency Line (UK +44-203-014-7123 / US & Canada +1 720-465-8620) and ask for Signal Acquisition.

 Presenter's Line Drops

  1. Remind your team to continuously monitor Team Chat in PMXD during the live event as it is the only way to communicate.
  2. If a speaker line drops during the event, immediately chat this specific Presenter. Use the Conference Bridge window to confirm that they have dropped.
  3. Provide the dial-in number and passcode to them via Team Chat for them to dial back in.


My PowerPoint Slides Won't Upload

All PowerPoint slides should be finalized and uploaded to the event no later than 24 hours prior to the start time. This will provide enough time to troubleshoot in the unlikely event there are any issues with the deck needing to be addressed.

  1. Prior to uploading be sure the PPT deck:
    • Is a .PPT or .PPTX
    • Is not password-protected
    • Does not open in "protected mode" due to security constraints
    • Does not have read-only embedded fonts
    • Does not have links to external content
    • Is no more than 50 MB in size
    • Has the first Slide Animation set to Start on Click
  2. Note that embedded objects (i.e. Audio, Video, Excel, SmartArt graphics, etc.) are not supported.
  3. If the PowerPoint file does not upload and the slides don’t appear in Presentation Manager most likely there is some type of conversion issue.
  4. Please do not continue to try uploading your original PowerPoint as this will exacerbate the issue and prolong the time it takes to reach a resolution.
  5. Open the file in PowerPoint to flatten the deck and try the upload again. Save the file as a Picture PowerPoint presentation .pptx, which will flatten all slide elements into one for each slide and remove all animations.
  6. If your PowerPoint does not upload successfully after this step, immediately submit a case to technical support and attach your slide deck to the case.

A Presenter Cannot Advance Slides

If a presenter is unable to advance slides:

  1. Have another presenter push the slides
  2. Refresh the page
  3. Clear the cache

The Start Live Button Isn't Active 15 Minutes Before my Live Webcast

You have logged into Presentation Manager XD 15 minutes prior to the live webcast. The Start Live button is not active (e.g. flashing green) and you are unable to press Start Live.

  1. Start Live is only active 15 minutes and up until the point of the live webcast.
  2. Check that the Live Start Date, Time, and Time Zone are accurately set to the desired date and time for the webcast. If one or more of these happen to be incorrect, the Start Live button may not yet be active.


*The section below only applies to webinars using the Live Video and Audio (Screen Share) present type.

No Audio is Heard When Viewing the Preview Link

  1. Disconnect all phone and webcam connections and then reconnect
  2. Check to see if presenters are listed in the Presenter List in the Connections Panel
  3. If disconnecting and reconnecting does not solve the issue call the Live Event Emergency Line (UK +44-203-014-7123 / US & Canada +1 720-465-8620) and press Option #2 for Signal Acquisition.

The Presenter doesn't See the Webcam or PC Mic in the Dropdown When Connecting

  1. Try another browser
  2. Unplug and reconnect the device(s) to the USB
  3. Reboot the computer to ensure there are no software conflicts competing for the same device (webcam or PC mic)

The Audience View Window Displays a Spinning Wheel or Does Not Display Shared Content

  1. If you don’t need to see the content to present, open a preview mode window to verify that something is displaying
  2. The usual cause for this is that the network is blocking access to wss://
  3. If Audience View is absolutely necessary, submit a high priority case to ON24 Platform Support and our team will work with your network personnel to address the issue.

The Presenter Console Cannot Access Webcam or Screen Share

  1. Refresh Elite Studio or Presentation Manager XD by pressing <F5> on your keyboard.  If that doesn't resolve the issue, the most likely cause is content filters are blocking either access to the TURN server, or access to the ON24 servers.
  2. Submit a case to ON24 Platform Support and our team will work with your network personnel to address the issue.

The Webcam is Grayed Out or Frozen in the Audience Console

  1. Likely caused by insufficient audience bandwidth
  2. Can happen when connected via an unstable Wi-Fi Internet connection
  3. To resolve connect using a stronger and more stable Internet connection

Screen Share Will Not Display in the Audience View Window or Preview

  1. Confirm each presenter is indeed connected to the presenter console via Dial-in, Webcam, or PC Mic
  2. Confirm the presenter has established a connection. 
    • If using Presentation Manager XD (PMXD), the presenter's name should be displayed in the Connections Panel > Presenter List.
    • If using Elite Studio, the presenter's name should be displayed in the Presenters List.
  3. A wired connection is encouraged. Wi-Fi connections are acceptable if they are strong and stable. Unstable Wi-Fi due to congestion or other causes can cause technical issues. 
  4. If using Chrome, confirm the ON24 Screen Sharing Extension has been added to the browser via the Chrome Web Store.
  5. Mozilla Firefox and  Microsoft Edge browsers use a beta screen share plug-in. The beta screen share plug-in is approximately 90MB and may take up to 5 minutes to download on machines with slower bandwidth.
  6. Close all other applications and clear your cache
  7. Try another browser 
  8. Restart your computer (if there is time to reboot)

Screen Share Keeps Asking to Download After Installation (Firefox)

  1. Try resetting the browser to factory settings
  2. Uninstall the plug-in and reinstall

Webcam Troubleshooting 

  1. Make sure the presenter is using Chrome, Firefox or Edge  
  2. All presenters should be on a strong and stable Internet connection. Wireless connections if used must be stable and reliable. Congestion and excessive traffic in Wi-Fi connections can cause issues when attempting to use a webcam
    • Test your connection here
  3. Refresh presenter console (F5) and try to reconnect the webcam
  4. Confirm the browser isn't blocking the device from being accessed 
  5. Try another browser
  6. Clear cache/cookies
  7. Close all unused applications, especially those that may have access to your webcam (Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc.)
  8. Reconnect the device via the USB
  9. Reboot the computer if time permits
  10. If the issue persists after troubleshooting, it is usually related to network configurations such as VPN or Firewalls.  Try connecting off of a VPN.  If this doesn't resolve the issue, please submit a case to Platform Support so our team can work with your internal IT department to find a resolution.

Presenters Cannot See or Hear a Single Presenter 

  1. Refresh the presenter console using the F5 key
  2. Try another browser

Remember Don't Panic, It's Just a Webcast 

Don’t sweat the unexpected. In live television production, for example, mishaps sometimes happen. Reporters and news anchors are used to this and just casually pass to another person if there are technical difficulties.

Your live webcasts are no different. Accept the fact that mistakes and miscues are possible. Handle it like a pro and be ready to roll with it if they happen. Don’t call attention to the problem. Just move on with your webcast and what has been planned.

Remember, don’t panic, it’s just a webcast.

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