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Training Packages

Training Options for ON24 Admins

*This package is for users who have an ON24 login and account access.  If you need assistance training your presenters for an upcoming webinar, check out our webinar speaker training service.

For information on how to request a training package, please click here.

ON24 Webcast Elite offers step-by-step tools to lead you through the process of designing, creating, and configuring your webcast. To best leverage the capabilities of Webcast Elite, ON24 offers two training programs for licensed users that provide guidance and best practices on topics ranging from basic features to advanced capabilities.

ON24’s training programs will enable you to best use the capabilities of Webcast Elite, which will allow you to deliver more effective, more engaging webinars – while reducing the amount of time necessary to create them. To request a training package, submit a ticket to ON24 Training Services.

There are two training packages to choose from:

Option 1:  Standard Elite Training Package 

This training program is comprised of three one-hour training sessions that will be delivered remotely.  The calls are set up in the following way:

Option 2: Express Elite Training Package 

This is a one-time, 90-minute remote training that focuses on building and delivering a webcast.  The call is set up in the following way:

  • Creating and Branding the Webcast (45-minutes)
  • Presenter Console (45-minutes)

Training Benefits

  • Optimize your webinar delivery by receiving in-depth training on the Webcast Elite platform.
  • Kick-start the creation of your first Elite event by requesting a training session from ON24.
  • The training sessions provide recommendations and best practices for both webcast managers and webinar presenters.
  • ON24 training can be scheduled at your convenience (pending availability) and are private sessions.
  • Up to ten individuals from your organization can participate in any or all of the training sessions.

Training Agenda

The following topics are covered in the Standard Webcast Elite Training Package. Note that each session is approximately one (1) hour in length.

Session #1: Webcast Setup

  • Creating a new webcast
  • Review the Webcast URLs and Create-a-Copy functionality
  • Registration page setup and design
  • Overview of Lobby page functionality
  • Customizing the email notifications and reminders
  • Designing and branding the Audience Console (dimensions, branding, engagement tools, etc.)
  • Archiving process
  • Review ON24 Knowledge Center, Support Center and how to submit a ticket

Session #2: Webinar Producer Training

  • Logging into the presenter interface
  • Overview of presenter information
  • User roles
  • Uploading content (PowerPoint, video clips, setting up polls, etc.)
  • Storyboard and Storyboard Organizer
  • Managing the Q&A session
  • Live View and Preview windows
  • Team chat
  • Attendee list
  • PowerPoint best practices
  • Presenter best practices

Session #3:  Reporting and Archiving Options

  • Tracking registrants using Partner Ref
  • Review the webinar reports (Webcast Intelligence)
  • Adding audience security
  • Archiving your webcast (e.g., creating chapters and a single file archive)
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