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Receiving and Answering Questions

Learn the basics of using the Q&A tool in PMXD to receive attendee questions and the multiple ways the presentation team can choose to answer questions during a webinar.

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Receiving Questions

As audience members send in questions, the questions will show up in the Inbox in the Q&A window.  Anyone logged into Presentation Manager XD can access and use Q&A.    The Q&A window auto-refreshes, generally every 60 seconds.

pmxd qa 2.jpg


If the Q&A window is minimized while questions are being submitted, an alert will show in the menu dock to signify that questions have been submitted by the audience. 

Click on Q&A to open the window and clear the alert.  



Organizing Questions

Organizing questions as they come can improve multi-presenter efficiency.  Use Folders and Priority to sort questions as they come in, and use Seed Questions to add your own questions to the event.   You can also sort questions by the time received, by clicking on the Received column header or delete questions by moving them to the Trash folder or clicking on the Send to Trash icon.  

The Status column will display the name of the presenter working on that question to prevent multiple presenters from working on the same one.  The status column takes three seconds to update. 


Folders allow you to organize questions as they come in.  Create folders for each of your presenters, for different topics, or for questions to take offline. 

To create, click on the pmxd qa 7.jpg  on the left side of the Q&A window.  Then click and drag the question into the appropriate folder.  

The folders you create will also show in Webcast Intelligence, allowing you to organize and sort questions and answers for the event. 

pmxd qa 6.jpg



You can assign questions a priority, in relation to other questions.  All questions default to Med, but clicking on Hi or Lo will move the questions up or down in the list accordingly.  

pmxd qa 8.jpg

Seed Questions

The Add Question feature allows you to add seed questions to an event.  Seed questions provide a way to get in front of commonly asked questions.  Seed questions are answered just like any question submitted by the audience and when answered, the audience will only see the question and the answer, not who asked or who answered.

Click on Add Question then enter your question in the box and click Save to Inbox.

pmxd qa 9.jpg                                       pmxd qa seed.jpg  


Answering Questions

Click on a question to answer it - once selected, the question will appear at the bottom of the Q&A window.  Type the response in the Answer box and choose how you want to send the response back.  

pmxd qa 3.jpg

The response can be sent in a few different ways:

  1. Use the Send button to send a response directly to the individual who submitted the question.
  2. Use the Send to All button to share the question and the written response to all attendees.
  3. Use the Push to Slide Area button to display only the question in the slide area.  This is a great option when answering questions out loud.
  4.  Use the Mark as Answered option to mark the question as answered in the Q&A tool, without sending a response.

pmxd qa 4.jpg


Once a question is answered/marked as answered, the question will no longer be bolded and the Status column will show Answered.

To see the response and who answered, click on the question again.  The Answer section will show who answered, at what time, and the answer itself.

 pmxd qa 10.jpg

Note: The audience will not be able to see who asked or who answered the questions - when a question is pushed back to attendees, only the question and answer will be visible.

You can choose to hide the answered questions using the Show / Hide Answered link at the bottom right of the question section.

pmxd qa 5.jpg



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