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Organizing Presentation Elements

Varying and organizing content well can turn a bland presentation into an engaging webcast that has an impact reaching well beyond the live event. This page reviews how to use the Storyboard to view and the Storyboard Organizer to sequence webcast elements. Also, learn how to push these content elements to the audience.

Managing Your Content

All windows within the PMXD Workspace are movable. Most windows are also resizable. To move a window within the workspace, click and drag on the window header.

To resize a window, either:

  1. Click on the maximize button in the top right corner
  2. Click and drag on the bottom right corner

Managing Elements During Your Webcast

The Storyboard

The Storyboard is the virtual roadmap of your presentation’s slides, videos, polls, and URLs. The Storyboard contains thumbnail images each uniquely different to identify the elements in your presentation. The thumbnail images for slides will be the slide image, poll questions will be blue, poll results will be orange, video clips will be grey and the URL link will be purple. The title of the video clip, poll and URL link will be displayed across the top of the thumbnail image.


Note: As a best practice it may be useful to give your video clips and URLs meaningful names so you can easily identify them in the storyboard.

Storyboard Organizer (Producers Only)

If you want to modify the order of the elements in your Storyboard click on the Show Storyboard Organizer link to open the Storyboard Organizer. All elements will appear in the storyboard format.

Reordering Storyboard Elements

The Storyboard Organizer allows the Producer role to modify the order of the elements in the Storyboard. To reorder elements of the presentation hover over an element and use the grey grabber bar to drag and drop the thumbnail.

Each change saves automatically, and all of the presenters will be able to see the changes in real-time.

Moving Groups of Elements

You can shift-click multiple sequential elements to easily move them as a group within the Storyboard Organizer. This is a huge time saver when rearranging sections of your Storyboard.

Hiding and Showing Storyboard Elements

The Storyboard Organizer also allows the Producer role to hide storyboard elements that you do not want to include in your presentation.

Click the drop-down arrow at the upper right of the desired thumbnail and select Hide.



After hiding you can choose to show the storyboard element if you would like to bring it back into your presentation. Click the drop-down arrow at the upper right of the desired thumbnail and select Show.



Closing the Storyboard Organizer

To close the Storyboard Organizer, click the Hide Storyboard Organizer link.

Note: If you rearrange a slide deck in the Storyboard Organizer and then re-upload a new slide deck, the new slide deck will maintain the order you have arranged in the storyboard organizer and the slides will be updated from the new copy. 

Pushing Elements

The easiest way to push slides and presentation elements during your webcast is to click the Live View link on the Control Bar to open the Live View window. All elements of the presentation can be shared with the audience by clicking the Next arrow in the Live View window.

Push to Audience Button

Clicking on an element in the Storyboard will add a Push To Audience button. Click the Push To Audience button to move the element to the Live View for the audience to see.


Clicking on an element in the Storyboard will place it in the Preview window. The Preview window also contains a Push To Audience button.

The Preview window is a personal preview, meaning that each presenter can have a unique item in the Preview window.

View and Push Poll Results


When a Poll question is pushed to the audience, you may view the results in the Preview Window as they update in real-time. No refreshing is necessary.

When you are ready to share the results with the audience, click the Next button in the Live View window or Push to Audience in the Preview window.

During a live webcast, you can view the number of poll responses in the Preview window before sharing it with the audience.

Tip: Once the poll results are Live, the poll has stopped collecting results. If a Poll Question pushed our earlier is pushed out again, it will refresh and collect new results.

If you would lie to show the audience the Poll Results again, be sure to only push the Poll Results and not the Poll Question itself.

Slide Notes


Clicking on the View Slide Notes link located at the bottom left of the Live View window will open a Slide Notes Window showing the slide notes for that slide as entered in the PowerPoint slide deck. The window is movable and re-sizable. The slide notes are read-only and cannot be edited. Clicking the View Slide Notes link again will close the Slide Notes window.

Live Marker

Closing the Live View window automatically closes the Slide Notes window.

A red live marker will be added to the thumbnail when that element is in the Live View window.

Pulse Check

*Pulse Check is supported for mobile viewers.

Pulse Check allows a presenter to ask a question and quickly assess audience participation and comprehension during a live and Simu-Live with Rollover to Live Audio webcast. With no setup required, the presenter asks the question verbally to the audience and the audience responds thumbs up / thumbs down. Pulse Check is meant to quickly check in with an audience and, unlike a poll, is not available in the webcast reporting. Results are only viewable during the live webcast.

Example of Pulse Check Window in PMXD

To initiate a Pulse Check, click the icon in the bottom right of the Live View window to open the Pulse Check window. From here, choose to send the Pulse Check to the audience and then watch the results in real-time. End the Pulse Check when needed results are in.

Example of Pulse Check in Audience Console

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