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Adding URLs

Adding URL elements to the presentation allows presenters to redirect attendees to specific URLs, extend the conversation, and provide resources and contact information. This page reviews setup options and procedures for adding URL elements to a webinar.

The URLs tab allows you to create links that can be shared with your audience.

To create a URL:

  1. Log into Presentation Manager XD as a Producer, using the Present URL.
pmxd producer.png
2.  Click on Setup and select the URLs tab.

3.  Click the Add URL button to add a URL to the storyboard.  Enter a title and URL address.

add url title and link.png

4.  Choose a Display option:

  • Default Browser Size is the most common and will open a new browser window for the audience at the default window size of their browser.
Setup add url.png
  • Custom Browser Size will open a new browser window for the audience at the specified size.
custom browser size.png
  • URL in Slide Area will display the title in the slide area.  After the attendee clicks the URL, it will open in a new browser window.

url in slide area.png



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