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Poll Questions

Polling your attendees is a great way to add human interaction and collect actionable data points. On this page learn how to add poll questions, the different formats that can be used, and best practices.

Capture the Voice of Your Audience with Polls from ON24 Platform Training Services on Vimeo.

Step 1: Log in to the Present URL as a Producer

Important:  Once a live webcast is completed, poll questions should not be edited or deleted. Doing so will remove the poll results from the ON24 report.

Polls are a great way to capture the voice of the audience. Not only do they provide important information about attendee interests, but they also enable the audience to compare their own experiences with those of their peers attending the webinar.

To create a poll, launch the Present URL and log in as a Producer.


Once logged in, click on the Setup link at the bottom of the page, and select the Polls tab.pollssetup.png

Step 2: Add Poll

Important:   Use caution when copying/pasting text into a text field. Hidden characters can be carried over when copying and pasting text from external sources such as Microsoft Word or a webpage.  If copying/pasting text is necessary, we first recommend pasting the text into a plain-text editor such as Notepad, to remove any hidden characters.  This will help prevent technical issues when creating polling questions.

After selecting the Polls tab, click the Add Poll button. Type your question, select the question format, and add the answer choices.

You have the following question formats to choose from: 

  • Multi-Choice Single Answer - allows users to select a single answer from a multiple-choice list (256 character limit for answer choices)
  • Multi-Choice Multiple Answer - allows users to select multiple answers from a multiple-choice list (256 character limit for answer choices)
  • Single Answer - allows users to check a single checkbox to confirm they are engaged in the presentation
  • Free Text - allows users to enter a text response (500 character limit for audience responses) 
    • If you choose the Single Answer or Free Text type there is no option to enter answer choices.
choosing a poll type.jpg
  • If there is an answer choice you don’t wish to share with the audience in the live poll results, check the Exclude from Live Results checkbox for that answer.


exclude answers.jpg

Step 3: Select Display Option

Poll questions can be displayed in the Slide Area or a Popup Window on the audience console. If displaying the poll in a popup window, you can assign a time in which the question will time-out and automatically close. You can also set an audio chime to play when the question appears.

If downloading a Single File Archive (SFA) of your webcast, we recommend displaying all poll questions in the Slide Window. This will prevent the poll question from obscuring the audience console since there is no way to answer a poll in the SFA.

Display:  Slide Area Display:  Popup Window
example of poll in slide window.jpg poll in popup window.jpg

Step 4: Organize Poll Questions

Once the poll questions are created, the Producer may open the Storyboard Organizer to place the poll questions in the desired order for the presentation. Clicking Show Storyboard Organizer will open the Storyboard.


You may hover over an element and use the grey grabber bar to drag and drop elements into any order. Each change saves automatically, and all of the presenters will be able to see the changes in real-time.


You can not remove or delete poll questions from the storyboard, but you can hide any elements that are not needed for the presentation by clicking on the down arrow and selecting Hide.  Hidden elements will not show during the webcast.


Once all changes have been made, click the Hide Storyboard Organizer link to close the Storyboard Organizer. Please note, live poll results will only appear for multiple-choice questions. However, all poll questions and responses will be recorded in the reporting via the Reports URL.


Step 5: Polling the Audience

To send a poll question to the audience, use the next arrow in the Live View window. Once the poll question is pushed, the audience may begin submitting their responses. We recommend waiting for a minimum of 30 seconds before advancing to the next slide, so the audience has ample time to respond. When you’re ready to transition to the next slide, click the next arrow.


To preview how your poll questions will appear to the audience, open the Preview URL .


A delay is to be expected when PMXD and the Preview URL are open simultaneously.  This is by design and is related to the "travel time" it takes for the presentation to be encoded and streamed to the audience.   Your audience will not notice a delay because the presentation will appear to them in real-time within the audience console.

Simu-Live and Sim-2-Live Webinars

Poll questions can appear anywhere in your storyboard for Simu-Live events, during both the recorded and rollover to live audio portions. 

For more information on Simu-Live/Sim-2-Live events, click here

During the rollover to live audio portion, use poll questions and poll results like you would for any other live event. 

For poll questions used during the recorded portion, all poll questions and poll results that will be shared with the audience need audio recorded, similar to a slide.  We recommend these best practices:

  • Record audio (that "audio" can be silent if you want) for each poll question.  If you don't record audio on the poll element, the poll question will only be displayed for 10 seconds.
    • If showing the poll question in the slide area, record at least 30 seconds of audio, so the audience will have enough time to respond
    • If pushing the poll questions in a popup window, less recording time is required since the poll will remain visible until the attendee responds or the question times out.
  • Hide the poll results in the storyboard, so they don't show to the audience or, if you are doing rollover to live audio, move the poll results to the end of your storyboard so your presenters can address any questions or concerns.  You will also be able to see the poll results after the event ends.  


Step 6: Previewing Audience Responses

During a live webcast, you can view the number of poll responses in the Preview window before sharing it with the audience.


Clicking the Push To Audience button will move the poll results to the Live View for the audience to see. 

When on-demand viewers begin answering polls, their responses will be recorded in the webinar report (via the Report URL), but not on the poll results slide.

See Poll Results in Step 7.


Note: Poll results will update in real-time as live attendees respond. If you do not want to include the poll results in the presentation, simply hide them in the Storyboard Organizer. 


Step 7: Poll Results

To access the poll results for an event open the Webcast URLs and click on the Reports URL. Once the Reports Dashboard has loaded, select Interactions > Polls. Poll results will update in real-time.  You may select View Details to view the individual responses. 

For accounts using Advanced Analyticsan aggregate view of both poll and survey results across all webinars in the account is available.  Click here for more information!

polls report.png

Hiding Poll Response Details  

Note: To turn on the setting to hide all of your poll response details, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

This optional setting allows you to hide all detailed poll responses that can be tied to an identifiable individual. When this setting is turned on, all summaries of poll response totals will remain available, but all links to poll details will be hidden.

On the Webcast Intelligence Report, under Interactions, the Polls tab will show all of the question summaries with response totals, but you will not see the link to the Detail page for each question, where the detailed responses by lead are reported.

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