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Video Only Webcasts

This article covers how to set up your webcast if you are not sharing a PowerPoint deck during the event.

Webcast Elite is a slide based platform, and every webcast MUST have at least 1 slide uploaded - even if the slide will not be shown to the audience.  Uploading a slide will ensure the webinar can properly stream and archive.

Doing a video only webcast is only available in the following situations:


Setting Up the Webcast

In the Slides tool on the Audience Console, click on the gear icon, and select Delete.  Use the Preview URL to confirm the tool is no longer visible to the audience.  

slides delete.png


Set the Media Player to display one of two available Video formats and choose the appropriate size for your webcast using the drop-down menu.   Then add your other engagement tools to the console.  

media player.png


Upload ONE PowerPoint slide to the webcast.  The audience will not see this slide, but one must be uploaded as Webcast Elite is a slides-based platform.  When using the Live Video and Audio present type, it allows the system to archive the webcast for on demand viewing.  For Simu-live webcasts and On Demand Recordings, it ensures the Publish button will display.

Find more information on uploading slides here.

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