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Using Presenter Media

Presenter Media is an audio or video file of your presentation, minus the storyboard.  This article explains how to use the pre-recorded media file in your webcasts.


Video Clips vs. Presenter Media


Video Clips

Presenter Media

  • Added to the storyboard of the webcast
  • Used in combination with other elements such as PowerPoints, polls, and URLs
  • Supported for all webcast present types
  • Generally shorter clips

Find Video Clip Specifications here

Find more information on adding video clips to your storyboard here

  • Recordings of ENTIRE presentations
  • Can be either audio or video files
  • Used for Simu-live or On Demand Recordings

Find Presenter Media specifications here


Using Presenter Media

Presenter Media is a video or audio file of your presentation that matches up with your storyboard elements to make a complete webcast.  It can be recorded offline or pulled from a previously run webcast in Webcast Elite. 

Only one Presenter Media file is allowed per webcast.  The file cannot be deleted, but it can be replaced with a new file.

Presenter Media is not available to add to fully LIVE webcasts.  It can be used only for Simu-live, Sim-2-Live, or any On Demand recording.  

This option is an alternative to recording over the phone in Elite Presentations.  The Presenter Media file serves as the entire presentation, so you will not be able to record audio via dial-in.      



Login to Elite Presentations as a Producer



Open the Setup window and click on the Presenter Media tab under Media.  Choose Audio (.wav) or Video (mp4), then click Upload.

setup window.png


Make sure to upload all of your other presentation materials for your storyboard here as well - PowerPoints, video clips, polls, and URLs.  Find more information on setting up your storyboard here


Setting Slide Timings

Once the presenter media file is uploaded, set timings for ALL of your storyboard elements, including slide animations.  You can set them manually or capture them in real-time.  

The time code is when the element will display to the audience.  For example, if the time code is entered as 00:01:30, the element will display to the audience 1 minute and 30 seconds into the presentation.  All time codes must be unique.  You can always go back and change the time codes if necessary.

At least one PowerPoint slide must be uploaded in order for the webcast to begin streaming to your audience.  This element should have a time code of 00:00:00.  Note:  Every Simu-live must have at least one slide uploaded to properly stream and archive - if you don’t intend to show slides, you can remove the Slides tool from the console, but do not hide the slide or delete the slide in the Storyboard  Find more information on video-only webcasts here.


Option 1 - Input the Timings Manually
  1. Select the element in the storyboard

  2. Type in the time code for that element into the time code box 

  3. Click out of the time code box to automatically save the timing

  4. Do this for each storyboard element, including any animations where applicable

time code.png


Option 2 - Capture Timings in Real-Time
  1. Toggle Capture Timings on

  2. Click Play to start the Presenter Media file

  3. Click the yellow Next arrow while the file is playing to capture the timings automatically, including slide animations

  4. Click Stop to stop the Presenter Media file 

    • The system will automatically save the timings

capture timing.png



Publishing the Presentation

Although the presentation file will save automatically as you set the timings, once every element has a time code, the presentation needs to be published.  

Click on the first element in your storyboard (so the system knows to start your presentation there) and click Publish in the bottom left corner of the Presentations View window.  A message will appear to confirm you want to publish. 

Once the publishing process is complete, wait approximately 10 minutes, then use the Preview URL to watch your entire presentation. 


 You can make changes to your presentation and republish as many times as necessary.  Once the changes have been made, click Publish again.  A message will pop-up asking if you want to publish over the existing presentation.  Click Continue to publish.

Simu-live webcasts MUST be recorded AND published at least TWO HOURS before the scheduled start time.  Two hours before the set time, Elite Presentations will switch to live webcast mode, so NO CHANGES can be made to your webcast during this time, including changing the start time, recording elements, choosing Rollover to Live audio, etc.   

Downloading the Presenter Media

You can re-use the Presenter Media file from a previous webcast, no matter the original present type, if needed to re-purpose for another presentation or to edit for on demand viewings after a live webcast has run. 

Note: Editing the Presenter Media file cannot be done through Webcast Elite.  Download the file and edit offline.  Re-upload as necessary. 

Find more information in the Editing Your Webcast for On-Demand Viewing article.  

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