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Simu-live Troubleshooting FAQs

This page covers FAQs for troubleshooting Simu-live webcasts.

When creating Simu-live events, keep in mind: 

  • Every Simu-live must have at least one slide uploaded to properly stream and archive.
    • If you don’t intend to show slides, you can remove the Slides tool from the console, but do not hide the slide or delete the slide in the Storyboard.
  • Simu-live webcasts MUST be recorded AND published at least TWO HOURS before the scheduled start time.
    • Elite Presentations will switch to live webcast mode two hours before the set time, so NO CHANGES can be made to your webcast during this time, including changing the start date/time, recording elements, choosing Rollover to Live audio, etc. 
    • As a best practice, we recommend publishing and previewing your Simu-live webcast in full at least 24 hours before the event.  


Question Solution


My video clip is not playing.

Often this issue is caused when a video clip is uploaded to the storyboard, but the Slides tool is not on the Audience Console.  Video Clips play through this tool in Simu-live webcasts.  Find more information here.

This can also happen if Presenter Media is uploaded but there is no slide present.  A single slide is required for proper live streaming and must be used even if there is no intention to show it.   Upload a slide – a title slide is great - then remove the Slides tool from the console if wanted.  Find more information on video-only webcasts here.


The wrong slide was shown during the lobby time.

The system will show the first slide of the first deck uploaded in the slide area during the lobby time (the 15 mins before the webcast start time). This will occur even if the slide is hidden or moved in the storyboard. 

When uploading slide decks, be sure the first slide of the first deck is what you want your viewers to see first.  


My Simu-live webcast started on the wrong slide.

This can happen if you don't select the first slide in your storyboard before you publish your Simu-live webcast.  Always select the first slide in your presentation and make sure it's visible in the Live window in Elite Presentations before you publish.



My event is playing at the wrong time – can I stop it and change the time?

Simu-live events play out automatically at the set date and time.  To do so, Elite Presentations will switch to live webcast mode two hours before the set time, meaning NO CHANGES can be made to your webcast during this time, including changing the date or time.  

Be careful when setting up the event to ensure you have chosen the right time zone and time for the webcast to start.




I imported media into my Simu-live event and it's not playing.

The Import Media functionality is not designed for rapid reproduction of events. If you import an event too early, some of the media may copy over but the streaming files will not.  To ensure all files carry over, allow ample time for the original event to process before importing.

  • If the original webcast was a fully live event, the archive process takes about three hours.  Once the archive is complete, the webcast will be available for importing.  
  • If the original webcast was a Simu-live event, make sure the original webcast has been created and published.  

To make sure the original event is ready to be imported, use the Preview URL for the source webcast and review it in full.  If the preview plays as expected the import should work.  


I'm trying to record in Elite Presentations, but the Simu-live dial-in number says it's unavailable.


Open the Setup tool and check the Presenter Media tab to ensure it is set to Audio.  Switching to Audio will allow the recording interface to be accessed.


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