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On Demand Webcasts

On Demand webcasts are webinars your audience can watch at their leisure.

All webinars that play out live to the audience will automatically become on demand once the archiving process has finished.   

You can also create webinars that are On Demand from the very start.  This option is known as On Demand Recording and must be included in your contract.  Contact your CSM if you would like to add this feature.  

There is no live interaction with presenters during an On Demand webinar, but the Ask Question tool on the audience console can be configured to allow attendees to submit questions when watching.  Find more information on setting up the tool here.  


On Demand Versions of Previously Live Webinars

Webcast Elite will automatically record your live webinar and make it available for on demand viewing.  The Audience URL used for the live webinar is also used to access the on demand version once the archive is available.   Reporting and analytics will continue to be tracked for those watching the event on demand. 

The recording will start when the webinar begins: 

  • For fully live webinars - when the Start Live button is pressed
  • For Simu-live webinars - at the set start time

The recording will end when the webinar is over: 

  • For live webinars (including Sim-2-Live) - when the End Webcast button is pressed
  • For Simu-live webinars - at the end of the recorded presentation

The archive will be available approximately three hours after the webcast has ended (Broadcast Video webinars may have longer processing times).  Click here to learn more about archiving options.


Creating Fully On Demand Recordings

If you have this feature turned on in your account, creating a fully On Demand Recording is the same as setting up a Simu-live webcast.  Follow the same steps for recording your presentation:

Your audience will watch the webinar via the Audience URL.  Reporting and analytics will be tracked. 

The webinar will be available once the presentation has been published and the start date and time is in the past.

Measuring On Demand Attendance in Viewing Minutes

To ensure the accuracy of recorded viewing minutes for on-demand attendance, a timeout prompt will close the console after five minutes of inactivity.  This will happen if the console is left open but unattended or the Media Player has been paused.  This timeout option cannot be customized.  

If an attendee is kicked out and logs back in, the webinar will resume in the same spot (assuming no browser cookies have been deleted).   



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