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Monitoring Simu-live and Sim-2-Live Webcasts

Simu-live and Sim-2-Live Webcasts are pre-recorded but play as if they were fully live webcasts.  This article reviews how to monitor them when they are live to the audience.

See the Getting Started article for more information on the options for pre-recording your webcast. 

These pre-recorded webcasts MUST be recorded AND published at least TWO HOURS before the scheduled start time.  Two hours before the set time, Elite Presentations will switch to live webcast mode, so NO CHANGES can be made to your webcast during this time, including changing the start date/time, recording elements, choosing Rollover to Live, etc.   

Simu-live and Sim-2-Live webcasts will start automatically at the set start date and time.

Monitoring Simu-live and Sim-2-Live Webcasts from ON24 Platform Training Services on Vimeo.

Monitoring Simu-live Webcasts

Simu-live webcasts are fully pre-recorded, but you can have Q&A moderators login during the "live" webcast to monitor the event and answer questions via text using the Q&A tool.  Up to 12 people can log in at a time as Q&A Moderators.

Moderators will use the Present URL to login and will have full access to the Q&A, Team Chat, and Attendee Chat (if available on the Audience Console) and will be able to listen and watch the webcast in the live interface.  Depending on how your account is set up, the live interface could either be PMXD or Elite Studio.  Not sure which one you have?  Click here.

At the live start time, the webcast starts automatically for your audience.  A Simu-Live in Progress message will appear in the top corner of the live interface for your Q&A moderators, so they know the webcast has begun.


simulive in progress pmxd.jpg

Elite Studio

es simulive in progress.png


The webcast will end automatically after the recorded portion has played out and the archive of the event will be available a few hours later for your audience to watch on demand.

If you wish for the audience console to remain open after the presentation is complete to allow attendees additional time to submit questions or download certificates, consider extending the event by recording additional silence to the last element so the console will remain open.  

Find more information on using the Q&A tools  - PMXD / Elite Studio


Monitoring Sim-2-Live Webcasts

Sim-2-live events are Simu-live webcasts with the Rollover to Live box checked.  Setting them up and recording will be the same for both.  The differences come when the webcast is playing out live to the audience.  Find more information on setting up a Sim-2-Live webcast here.   

In Sim-2-Live webcasts, after the pre-recorded portion of the webcast plays out, the system will automatically switch to a live webcast.

During the pre-recorded portion, Q&A will function as it does for true Simu-live webcasts - the Q&A tool will be available in the live interface so your presenting team can answer questions.  See above for more information.

For the rollover to live portion, your presenting team can address questions both with text and verbally. 


Logging in for Sim-2-Live Webcasts

Your presenting team will be able to log in for the webcast starting 45 minutes before the set start time, using the Present URL.  As a best practice, we recommend those who will be speaking to the audience log at least 30 minutes before the recorded portion of the webcast ends.  

Up to 10 live presenters (mix of Producers and Presenter roles) can log in at a time.

All 3 login roles will be available for Sim-2-Live webcasts.  Every Sim-2-Live event MUST have at least one Producer in order to stop the webcast after the rollover to live audio portion is complete. 



Q&A Moderator

  • At least one member of the presentation team MUST log in as a Producer to stop the webcast after the live audio portion is complete
  • Producers have ALL functionality including speaking to the audience and using the Q&A, Team Chat, and Attendee Chat (if applicable)
  • Can speak to the audience during the rollover to live portion
  • Can use the Q&A, Team Chat, and Attendee Chat (if applicable)
  • Can use the Q&A, Team Chat, and Attendee Chat (if applicable)


Connecting to the Webcast

When rolling over to a live webcast, Producers and Presenters have options when connecting to the audience, depending on the platform in your account, either Elite Studio or PMXD (not sure which one you have?  Click here to find out more!).  

PMXD Elite Studio
  • Only audio is available - Producers and Presenters will be able to dial in over the phone to speak to the audience - no matter if the presenter media is audio or video
  • If the prerecorded media is video-based, Producers and Presenters will be able to connect in any combination of: 
    • Webcam
    • PC Microphone
    • Phone
    • Note: This functionality will be rolled out to customer accounts in phases throughout Q1 2022
    • Find more information on how to connect to Elite Studio here.
  • If the prerecorded media is audio-based, Producers and Presenters will be able to dial in over the phone only



Switch to Live Mode

During the pre-recorded portion, a Simu-live in Progress message will show at the top of the interface.


simulive in progress pmxd.jpg

Elite Studio

es simulive in progress.png


Two minutes before the pre-recorded portion ends, a new message will pop up with a countdown alerting presenters to get ready.


live audio timer pmxd.jpg

Elite Studio

es rollover.png


At the end of the countdown, the interface will automatically refresh and go into full live webcast mode.  There will also be an automated message that plays through the conference bridge for your presenting team that says "You are now in the live stream" followed by a beep.  At this time, Producers and Presenters can begin speaking to the audience and pushing elements from the Live View tool.


Highlighting and Centering Engagement Tools

For those with Elite Studio, producers and presenters can highlight any of the engagement tools within the audience console during both the recorded and the live audio portion of the webcast to draw viewer attention to them. This allows you to highlight or center engagement tools on the fly during any part of the Sim-2-Live webinar. For example, to point out or draw attention to the Q&A tool, click Highlight next to Q&A. 

Find more information on highlighting and centering engagement tools here



Stopping the Webcast - Producers Only

The team member logged in as a Producer should press the End Webcast button at the conclusion of the event.  After pressing End Webcast a confirmation window will appear.  Clicking Stop the Webcast from this point will disconnect the presenting team from the live audience and the webcast will end. 

Note: If the webcast is accidentally stopped, it cannot be restarted.


end webcast first pmxd.jpg

end webcast pmxd.png

Elite Studio


es live in progress.png


es end.png

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