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Importing Media

Importing media allows you to re-purpose the Storyboard and Presenter Media from a previously run webcast and use the webcast again in a newly created Simu-live, Sim-2-Live, or On Demand webinar.

Importing media will copy any existing storyboard elements (slides, polls, etc.) and the Presenter Media from the original webcast into the new webcast.  It will also carry over any caption files and any metadata (such as whiteboarding or highlighting and centering of engagement tools) that were part of the original webcast.

This feature allows you to take a webcast that has already gone live or has been previously recorded and re-run it as a brand new event.  Looking for more details on running a live webcast?  Click here for Elite Studio or here for PMXD!


Reusing a Previously Run Webcast

Create a Simu-live, Sim-2-Live, or On Demand Recording, login as Producer, and open the Setup Window.  

Click on the Import Media tab to find a list of all the webcasts in your account that have already gone live or been recorded previously.   

Note: Webcasts may show in the import list before they are fully available.  To ensure all files carry over properly, review the original webcast in full using the Preview URL before using it as an import source.  Once you see the event play completely and properly in the preview, it is ready to be imported.   

Select the radio button of the webcast you want and click Import Storyboard & Presenter Media.  The entire presentation of the original webcast will copy into the new one. 



Once the presentation has imported, click Publish.  Wait approximately 10 minutes, then use the Preview URL to review the webinar in its entirety.  Your new webcast is now ready for an audience.



You cannot import media into a fully LIVE webcast (Live Audio, Live Video and Audio, or Broadcast Video present types).  This option is only for pre-recorded present types.  


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