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Recording Simu-live and On Demand

This user guide will walk you through how to record and publish a Simu-live webcast or On Demand Recording in Elite Presentations.

Recording Simu-live and On Demand from ON24 Platform Training Services on Vimeo.


Simu-live or On Demand Recordings can be recorded in the Elite Presentations interface.  Presenters can dial-in to the conference line and record audio to slides and other elements in the storyboard.

Note: The ability to create On Demand Recordings must be included in your contract.  Reach out to your ON24 Sales rep if you would like to add this present type.

Recording over the phone in Elite Presentations is only one way to pre-record.  You can also upload a pre-recorded audio or video Presenter Media file or import media from a previous webcast.  

Find more information on Presenter Media here

Find more information on importing media here

To access the Elite Presentations platform, click on the link at the bottom of the webcast Overview page or on the Present URL.

Overview Page



Present URL


Simu-live webcasts MUST be recorded AND published at least TWO HOURS before the scheduled start time.  Two hours before the set time, Elite Presentations will switch to live webcast mode, so NO CHANGES can be made to your webcast during this time, including changing the start date/time, recording elements, choosing Rollover to Live audio, etc.   

User Roles

When logging in to record a Simu-live webinar or  On Demand Recording, choose the appropriate role, based on the responsibilities listed below.  

Looking for information on logging in for Sim-2-Live events?  Click here.





  • Add and organize the storyboard elements - slides, video clips, polls, and URLs

  • Record audio to storyboard elements

  • Publish the presentation once all recording has been done

  • Record audio to storyboard elements


Elite Presentations Interface

Setup Tool

setup tool.png



The Setup Tool is located at the bottom of Elite Presentations - click on Setup to open the tool.

The Setup tool allows Producers to upload the elements needed for the webcast. 

Click on the following links to learn more about uploading the elements - PowerPoints and video clips, polls, and URLs.

  • Every Simu-live must have at least one slide uploaded to properly stream and archive
    • If you don’t intend to show slides, you can remove the Slides tool from the console, but do not hide the slide or delete the slide in the Storyboard

As a best practice, all elements should be uploaded at least the day before the recording begins. 





The storyboard is the roadmap of your presentation.  It contains all the uploaded elements. 

To organize the elements, Producers can click on Show Storyboard Organizer to click and drag individual elements into the appropriate place.

Elements that are not needed can be hidden from the storyboard by hovering over the element and choosing Hide from the dropdown.  Hidden elements can be added back to the storyboard if desired.

Presentation View Window

presentation view.png



The Presentation View window contains the tools for viewing and recording.

Find Slide Notes, recording buttons, dial-in information, and the Publish button here.


When using poll questions , we recommend recording at least 30 seconds of audio (can be silence) to each one, to provide plenty of time for attendees to answer.  As a best practice, set the poll question to display in the Slide Window, instead of pop-up, to prevent interference from pop-up blockers. 

Recording the Webcast

Elite Presentations allows you to record audio to each individual slide, poll, or URL element then publish it into a seamless presentation. 

Once you are dialed into the phone line, all controls for recording are in the controls section of the Presentation View window.

Record audio to each element, even if that audio is silent (excluding video clips – you cannot record audio for a video clip, the system will use the audio associated with the video clip).  A few seconds of audio is all that is needed.  If no audio is recorded, the system will attach 10 seconds of silence to that element during the publishing process.

Once the pre-recorded media is done playing, the Simu-live webcast will be over, and the audience console will close. If you wish to allow additional time for Q&A or downloading certificates , please be sure to include extra time in your recording.  

Dialing into the Phone Line

The dial-in information can be found on the Overview page of the webcast or through the Information button on the Presentation View window in Elite Presentations when logged in as a Producer. 

Those logged in as Presenters will not have access to the dial-in information, so be sure to include it when you send out the Present URL. 

The phone line is a conference line and up to 10 presenters may dial in at a time to collaborate.  Or presenters can dial-in individually and record their portion of the webcast at their leisure.  The system will save the recordings, allowing people to access the platform over multiple days.  The system does not allow more than one person to record DIFFERENT slides at one time. 

Overview Page



dial in.png

Producer's Presentation View window




Once you have dialed in, chose the storyboard element you wish to record, and click the Record button.

There will be a countdown from 5, then a red timer will appear – once it does, the presenter may begin speaking.  The red timer lets you know the duration of the audio for that element.

Move through the storyboard in one of two ways - either record to each slide individually or record continuously.

Record each slide individually

Record continuously

  • After the audio for one element is complete, press Stop and wait for the audio to render before moving on to the next element

  • After the audio for one element is complete, push the yellow Next arrow to advance to the next element

  • Wait for the red time to reset then continue speaking

Audio is attached to each element individually, so re-recording is easy.  The maximum recording duration for a single storyboard asset is 60 minutes.

Slide notes are available if needed.  Any notes built into the PowerPoint before it was uploaded to Elite Presentations will be available for reference during recording.  Slide notes will not be visible to the audience.

red time.png


Click the Stop button to stop recording – the system will begin rendering the file for playback.  If you need to cancel the recording, push the ESC key to prevent the file from rendering, allowing you to avoid that process if you know it’s a bad take.

The recorded duration will appear in the bottom right corner of each element.  The total presentation time will appear in the top right-hand corner of Elite Presentations.



Playing Back the Recorded Audio

Once a recording take is rendered, you may play it back. Clicking the Play button will start playback. During playback, the play button will change to the Pause button.  A Stop button will also be available. Drag the seek bar to quickly move to points within the timeline.



Re-Recording Audio

You can record over existing audio as many times as you would like.  When recording an element that already has audio, an alert will appear confirming you want to re-record.  Click Yes to re-record or click No to cancel and leave the audio file intact.



Recording with Animations

Elite Presentations supports recording and playback of slides with animations.  The Presentation View window will show Animation: x of y in the upper right-hand corner when a slide has animations built into it. 



Use the Next arrow to advance through animations on slides - the recording will continue seamlessly.  After the last animation, clicking the Next arrow will move to the next element in the storyboard.  There is only one audio file for all the animation states in a slide, so a user cannot record separate files for each animation state. 

Recording for animation slides will always begin at the first animation state and end at the animation state when Stop is pressed. If the recording was stopped before all animation states are used, then the remaining animation states will not be included in playback or publishing.  For example, if a slide has 5 animation states, but the user presses stop to end recording on animation state 3, then animation states 4 and 5 will not show up on playback or publishing.


Publishing your Presentation (Producer Only)

Although the recorded presentation file will save automatically as you record, once all the audio has been recorded, the presentation needs to be published.  Only those logged in as a Producer will have this option.

Click on the first element in your storyboard (so the system knows to start your presentation there).  This will most likely be a title slide.  Next, click Publish in the bottom left corner of the Presentations View window.  A message will appear to confirm you want to publish. 

Once the publishing process is complete, wait approximately 10 minutes, then use the Preview URL to watch your entire presentation. 


 You can make changes to your presentation and republish as many times as necessary.  Once the changes have been made, click Publish again.  A message will pop-up asking if you want to publish over the existing presentation.  Click Continue to publish.

Simu-live webcasts MUST be recorded AND published at least TWO HOURS before the scheduled start time.  Two hours before the set time, Elite Presentations will switch to live webcast mode, so NO CHANGES can be made to your webcast during this time, including changing the start date/time, recording elements, choosing Rollover to Live audio, etc. 

Watching Simu-live vs On Demand



On Demand Recordings

  • The published webcast will not be available for the audience to watch until the set start date and time  

    • At that time, it will play out automatically to the audience as if it was a live webcast

  • Check out the Monitoring Live Simu-Live Events for more information on what’s available during the live webcast

  • The published webcast will be available for your audience to watch at their leisure once the set start date and time is in the past



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