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Call to Action (CTA)

Learn how to configure the Call the Action (CTA) engagement tool to drive ongoing engagement after the live webinar ends.

*The CTA engagement tool is available for all live and simu-live webinars using the HTML5 Console Builder.  It is not supported on mobile devices.

CTA widget.pngAs part of our effort to extend the content journey for your audience, we’ve built a Call to Action (CTA) engagement tool to drive ongoing engagement after a live or simu-live webinar ends. With the CTA engagement tool, you can invite your live webcast viewers to continue their content journey with you.

For example, your live webcast viewers can choose to register for upcoming webcasts automatically, avoiding the registration page, or you can send them directly to your ON24 Engagement Hub to view more content. You can choose to direct them to external content (like surveys), or chat rooms with Bots, Sales or Product staff to follow-up.

All audience interactions with the CTA engagement tool will be captured and made visible in the ON24 Webcast Intelligence report, including the Source reporting for the target webcasts.

In addition to seamlessly registering your viewers to suggested webcasts or the Engagement Hub, you can also use the CTA engagement tool to direct users to any web destination or email contact.

Important:  If a post-live survey or redirect is set up for the live webcast, these actions will happen after the post-live console closes.  After five minutes of inactivity (e.g., the viewer is no longer clicking on the CTAs) the post-live console will auto-refresh and the survey will appear. 

Once the viewer completes the survey, the redirect will then occur.  If a viewer closes the post-live console before it refreshes, they will not see the survey or be redirected.

Styling Options

When configuring the CTA engagement tool, the following styling options are available.  Multiple instances of the CTA engagement tool can be added.

CTA configuration2.pngShow automatically on webcast end -  Unchecked by default, allowing the CTA engagement tool to appear on the console during the live webinar.  The audience will not be able to resize the CTA engagement tool, although they can open/close it and move it around similar to any other engagement tool if the "Show automatically on webcast end" box is left unchecked.  The producer can choose the engagement tool size by resizing it in Console Builder.  

To make the CTA engagement tool visible only when the webinar ends, check the "Show automatically on webcast end" box.  The CTA will then automatically appear in the post-live console.  

Note:  If the CTA is configured to show automatically after the live webinar ends, attendees watching the replay of the live or simu-live webinar will not see the CTA unless the "Show automatically on webcast end" box is left unchecked.

Background Color -  Choose a background color using the color picker.  A hex code may be used to match any color.

Text - Use the rich text editor to choose the color, font, and size of the text.  The text will be center justified, with a 500 character limit.  

View the CTA engagement tool in the Console Builder to check the text styling as the text style choices will not display in the configuration window. 

Image - Upload an image to add visual appeal to your CTA.  The image can be displayed as a circle or square and will be center justified.  The maximum size is 4096 px X 4096 px.  Supported image file formats are JPEG, PNG and GIF.

Button -  Use the rich text editor to set the color, font, and size of the button label.  The button will be center justified and localization logic does not apply.

Button Action-   Use the drop-down menu to choose between four choices for the button action:  URL, Email, Engagement Hub, or Webcast.  View the Redirect Options for more details.

Redirect Options

When setting the button action for the CTA engagement tool, there are four options:

1.  URL - Set the web destination where you would like to direct your viewers.


2.  Email - Enter an email address or multiple email addresses (separated by comma) to pre-populate in the viewer's email client.  


3.  Engagement Hub - If you have Engagement Hub enabled in your account, you will see an option to seamlessly register your viewer to your Engagement Hub.  Choose to which Engagement Hub and Category you would like to send your viewers.


4.  Webcast - You can seamlessly register your viewers to any upcoming or on-demand webinar by pasting the Audience URL in the text box. 


Important:  The registration fields of the webinar entered into the CTA engagement tool must contain the same registration fields of the existing webinar in order for the registrant data to be passed seamlessly.  Both registration forms need to be exactly the same for the registrant data to pass correctly. If the registration fields are not the same, the registrant data from the existing webinar will not get passed to the webinar in the CTA engagement tool.

For example, if you are setting up a webinar that requires only First Name, Last Name and Email to register, but the webinar linked to the CTA engagement tool requires First Name, Last Name, Company, Job Title, and Email, only the First Name, Last Name, and Email will carry over to the other webinar.  All other fields will be blank. 

Once the attendee registers, they will appear in the target webinars Source report, as shown below.


Creating a Library

A library of previously created CTA engagement tools can be created for easy reuse in other webcasts.  

The library is held at the account level, so all webcasts can access the same CTA tools.  

To access the library, choose Open Library from the gear icon of the CTA tool.

CTAs can be renamed and deleted from the CTA library allowing users to better manage their best performing  CTAs.

Opening the Library from the tool's menu



Example of CTA Library


Managing the Call to Action Library                                         

To save the CTA to the library, choose Save to Library > Save as New.  Name the preset and click Save.  Note, the name of the preset can be different than the name in the Attributes window.  To make changes to an existing preset CTA, select Save to Library > Update in Library to save the new version of the preset.  CTAs can be renamed and deleted from the CTA library allowing users to better manage their best performing  CTAs. To manage the Call to Action Library, go to the gear menu of any CTA you’ve set up in a webinar console and choose Open Library. Hover over any CTA you would like to rename or delete within the library and a pencil icon and trash can icon will appear. The trash can icon is used to delete the CTA. The pencil icon is used to rename the CTA.

Save the CTA to the Library or Update an existing CTA.


Open the CTA Library to manage the saved CTAs.

   Opening the CTA Library Annotated.jpg

Hover over CTA to delete or rename.

   CTA Rename or Delete Annotated2.jpg

Note: Deleting a CTA from the library only deletes it from the library. It does not delete the CTA from any webinars using it. To delete existing CTAs from a webinar, navigate to that event’s audience console and delete the CTA.

Post-live Display Options

Possibly the most exciting feature of the CTA engagement tool is the ability to automatically display after the live webinar.  Rather than distracting the audience during the webinar, in many cases, you may prefer to wait until after the live webinar to invite your viewers to continue their content journey with you. You can automatically do that with the CTA engagement tool.

If one or more of the CTA engagement tools is set to “Show automatically on webcast end” in the configuration window, then after the live webcast ends the audience console will continue to stay open to display the CTA engagement tool.  

cta end of webcast.png

All other engagement tools will automatically close to make room to display the post-live CTAs.  Any CTA engagement tool that is set to display post-live will not display during live.  You can always create extra CTAs if you want some to display during the live webcast.

Place the post-live CTA engagement tool using the Console Builder.  They may overlap with some of your live webcast engagement tool.  This is OK since the post-live CTAs will not display during live. 

Post-live CTA engagement tools in the Console Builder

placing ctas.png

The post-live audience console will remain open as long as your audience is interacting with it.  The viewing minutes and interactions will be counted in the live webcast report.  If there is no interaction for more than 5 minutes the post-live console will automatically close.  

If a post-live survey or redirect is set up for the live webcast, these actions will happen after the post-live console closes.  If there is no interaction for more than five minutes, the post-live console will automatically close.

If you are running a certificate earning webcast based on minutes watched, the post-live minutes will be counted towards earning the certificate. If you do not want the minutes counted, you cannot use a CTA configured for post-live interaction.

Example the CTA engagement tool in a post-live audience console

post live console.png

CTA Report

Best Practices

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