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Ask Question Tool

This article describes how to set up the Ask Question Engagement Tool, which allows attendees to submit questions - at any time - during live or on-demand webcasts.

Attendees will submit their questions through the Ask Question tool.  All questions and their written answers will be captured in the webinar report.   

Questions are limited to 600 characters (an alert will appear if the limit is reached). You choose which questions and answers are displayed to the audience to provide a form of moderated group chat.

Looking for how to answer questions in the  Ask Question (Q&A tool) during a webcast?  Click here for PMXD or here for Elite Studio.



The Ask Question Tool from ON24 Platform Training Services on Vimeo.

Note for Simu-live Webcasts: If you wish to allow additional time for Q&A in your Simu-live webcast, please be sure to include extra time in your pre-recorded media. 

Configuring the Tool 

Click the gear  icon to open the Configuration panel.

console qa config.jpg console qa config screen.jpg


Display Answers

If Display Answers is set to Include, the question appears in bold text followed by the answer in plain text.  This is the default setting.

console display answer include.jpg console qa audience.jpg


If you wish to hide the answer area, select ExcludeHiding the answer area will force all written answers to be displayed in a pop-up window within the audience console.

display answer exclude.jpg image


Submit Question When Enter Key is Pressed

Checked by default. If not checked, webcast attendees must click the Submit button to send questions to presenters.

submit with enter.jpg

This is commonly unchecked if there will be a portion of the audience using DBCS (Double-Byte Character Set) keyboards (primarily used in Asian countries ).  For some users of DBCS keyboards, the enter key is used to allow additional characters to be accessed and can hinder entering a question if left checked.

Questions Submitted During On-Demand Viewing

You can choose if the audience is able to submit questions during on-demand viewings of your webcast. 

This option is turned on by default, allowing the audience to submit questions when watching the webinar on-demand.  Questions submitted during on-demand viewings can only be answered via email and can always be found and answered through the Interactions section of Webcast Intelligence.    

If not checked, attendees will not be able to submit questions when viewing the webcast on-demand. However, they will still be able to view any questions and answers pushed to everyone in the audience during the live webcast.


A message will appear to the audience if question submission is disabled.


Forward Submitted Questions to a Specified Email Account

The Q&A tool can be configured to forward questions to a specified email address, such as a supporting staff member or content expert. Only one email address may be added. The supporting staff member can then respond to attendee questions in real-time via email. 

When Only forward to Email during on-demand viewing is checked, questions will be forwarded to the specified email address during on-demand viewing only.  When it is unchecked, questions will be forwarded during both the live webinar and on-demand viewing.  This option is checked by default.


Save Changes

After making all the desired changes click the Save button, or click the Cancel button to close the window without saving any changes.

ON24 Webcast Elite Pro customers only have access to the Media Player, Slides, Help, Q&A and Resource List Engagement tools.

Interactions Report

The Interactions Report will provide users with the information on how their attendees interacted with the Ask Question tool during their webcast.

Q&A Bot

A Q&A Bot is available within the Ask Question engagement tool. This helpful feature will automatically answer basic and routine technical support questions submitted into the Ask Question tool from audience members, so they can get real-time help. This allows your presentation team to focus on questions related to your webinar content and overall message.

Find more information on this beta feature here.




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