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Attendee Chat Tool

This article describes the Attendee Chat engagement tool, which enables audience members to chat directly with one another and presenters in real-time.

Attendee Chat may be ideal for webcasts where attendees are familiar with each other, or where interaction and idea exchange furthers the webcast purpose. 

Things to Know

  • The Attendee Chat is un-moderated, so presenters cannot control, edit, or delete attendee comments. 
  • The comments posted in the Attendee Chat will be visible to everyone in the audience.  Attendees may not send private messages to each other.
  • During the live webcast, we recommend a team member (preferably someone that does not have a speaking role) facilitate the Attendee Chat discussion.  The facilitator may log in to the Present URL with the speakers, or register and attend as an audience member if preferred.
  • The Attendee Chat log will be included in the webcast reporting (Reports URL) and all chat messages are limited to 256 characters.
  • For load-balancing reasons, Attendee Chat cannot open automatically for live audience members. There is also a 200 message display limit in the tool.
  • As long as configured to “Always Available" on demand viewers will be able to open Attendee Chat and view the chat history from the live webcast.
  • Attendee Chat is available during both fully Live and Simu-live webcasts


Example of Attendee Chat in PMXD - Presenter View Example of Attendee Chat in Elite Studio - Presenter View
group chat pmxd.png 2020-09-03_17-37-40.png


Configuring the Tool

Once the Attendee Chat engagement tool is added to the console, click the gear  icon to open the Configuration panel.

attendee chat.png

Chat Times

Select when Group Chat will be available from the 4 options:

  • Always Available - Begins from the time the webcast lobby opens, which is 15 minutes prior to the Live start time, and runs until the Archive End time.
  • Pre-Event Only - only available from the time the webcast lobby opens until the Live start time.
  • Event Only - only available from the Live Start time through the expected end of the event.
  • Custom - If selected, additional entry fields for Open and Close Date and Time appear. Click on the date and time buttons to make custom edits. When selected this also provides a Closed Chat Room Alert and Participant Limit Alert where the text can be edited.

Group Chat Custom Chat Time.jpg

Participant Limit

Choose the maximum number of simultaneous participants allowed in the chat room. The 4 options are:

  • 500 Users
  • 250 Users
  • 100 Users​
  • Custom - If selected, an additional field will appear; the custom value may be any number less than 500.

Participant Limit Alert

The text field provides a way to customize the message which will appear in the Group Chat engagement tool when the participant limit is reached. The participant count is reduced when someone leaves the chat room by minimizing the tool or by closing the console.

Participant Time Display

The engagement tool can be configured to allow anonymous participation or to show the users' names in the text chat display. The 3 options are:

  • First Name Last Initial - information is derived from the attendee's registration
  • First Name Last Name - information is derived from the attendee's registration
  • Numerical Code - attendee's event User ID

If one of the first 2 options is chosen and First & Last name are not available, the display name will be the attendee's event User ID.

Submit Chat When Enter Key is Pressed

If checked, the chat message will be sent once an attendee presses the Enter key on their keyboard.

Note: This is commonly unchecked if there will be a portion of the audience using DBCS (Double-Byte Character Set) keyboards. Primarily used in Asian countries such as China, Japan, Korea… For some users of DBCS keyboards, the enter key is used to allow additional characters to be accessed and can hinder entering a question if left checked.

Save Changes

After making all the desired changes click the Save button, to save all the changes made to the engagement tool. Or click the Cancel button to close the window without saving any changes.


The attendee chat log is available within the Reports URL of the webcast, under the More tab in Interactions.   Click View Details to see attendee information.

View Details will provide the number of unique individuals who viewed the console engagement tool and the total number of times the engagement tool was viewed by attendees.  It will also include the date and time of the comment, the name of the attendee/presenter, and the comment made.

Attendee Chat comments can be exported to Excel.

group chat 2.png


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