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Text with Banner Tool

This article describes the Text with Banner engagement tool, which allows you to add more information about your topic or company to your webcast in the form of a text box.

You can copy text directly from a website or write your own. The tool allows multiple fonts and sizes, font styling, bullets, and hyperlinks. It is also possible to upload a banner image to display at the top of the window.

Configuring the Tool

Once the Text with Banner engagement tool is added to the console, click the gear  icon to open the Configuration panel.  




  • Click on Upload Banner to upload your image
    • Maximum size is 400 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall
    • The file can be formatted as a JPG, JPEG, GIF, or PNG
  • Once the banner has been uploaded, a Replace Banner button will appear if you need to make changes
  • Enter the text in the text box and format the font, size, color, etc
    • Use bullets or links 
    • Hex codes to change font color are not supported at this time
  • Click Save
twb config.png



  • Audience view of the tool
twb audience.png


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