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Windows and Tools in Elite Studio

Overview and features of the windows and tools in Elite Studio.
Trainer Resource: Presenting in Elite Studio - use this presentation to train your internal staff and presenters.

Getting Started

The Getting Started window is where you can access help using Elite Studio and submit feedback to the ON24 Product team. Getting Started Window

Media Player

The Media Player will show all presenters connected to the webcast to present, just as the Media Player does for attendees in the audience console. 

When you connect your webcam, the Media Player will automatically open to the Presenter tab.  The Presenter tab provides a real-time display of you and your fellow presenters.

Webcam video will appear for those connected by webcam, a bullhorn icon (as shown below) will appear for those connected by their mic only.

The Media Player is the same as the Audience View window in Presentation Manager XD (PMXD).


media player tabs.png

Switching to the Audience tab will display what the audience is seeing in the Media Player.

There will be a two second delay in the Audience view.  Presenters can rest assured that during the live webinar, the audience will not notice a delay.  For them, the webinar will be in sync and appear in real-time.

  • Note:  If you are connected to the webinar and have the audience tab open, keep the audio muted to prevent echoing.  This does not mute the audio for the audience.
audience tab media player.png
Display Presenter's Name

A Show Presenter Name checkbox will appear when hovering over the Media Player.

When this checkbox is selected the Presenter Name will display to the audience in the Media Player on the audience console.

This name can be edited in the Presenters window.

display presenters name media player.png

Video Layouts

In Elite Studio if multiple presenters are using a webcam, video layouts can be changed on the fly by hovering over the Media Player and choosing another layout.

The Media Player will open automatically to play any videos shared or any screen sharing sessions.


webcam layouts display presenters name.png


To access the Presenters window, navigate and select Presenter from the Menu available in the green Control Bar.

The Presenters window lists all presentation team members connected by phone, Webcam, or PC Mic.

Producers can edit the names, mute/unmute presenters, and disconnect them.

WARNING:  This mute/unmute feature will override the personal mute button available to all individual presenters in the Control Panel. presenters_window_02.png

Team Chat

The Team Chat window lists all presentation team members in the left column logged into Elite Studio. Team members can chat with the entire team or with individuals. Click All Presenters to chat with the entire team or click on an individual name to chat directly with that person.

The role that each person is logged in as will be listed under their name.

By default, the Team Chat will be active for Producers and Presenters when they initially log in.

To access this window, choose Team Chat from the Menu in the green Control Bar.




The Q&A tool in Elite Studio allows your presenting team to collaborate on audience questions during a live webcast. 

  • Pro Tip:  Presenters may sort the Q&A by Name to display the full conversation history with webinar attendees.

Find more information on using the Q&A Tool here.

q&acolumn sort.png

Attendees List

The Attendees List shows all attendees currently in your webcast. You will need to click refresh to see the latest numbers.  The number of attendees will appear at the top in parenthesis. 

You can search for attendees and sort by Name, Company, and Login Time columns.

When sorting the list by name, attendees will be alphabetized by their first name.

Attendees window
To block an attendee and prevent them from viewing your webinar, click Block Attendee. Block attendee

Engagement Tools

The highlighting and centering of engagement tools are currently not supported for mobile viewers.  The centering functionality will be added in a future 2021 product release.

You can use the new Engagement Tools panel to draw viewers' attention to any of the engagement tools on the audience console.  From the Menu click Engagement Tools to open the window. Any engagement tool added to the console will appear here.

  • Note:  You can also tools highlight or center the engagement tools during the recorded portions of a sim-2-live webinar, in addition to the live portion. This allows you to highlight or center engagement tools on the fly during any part of the sim-2-live webinar experience. 
Engagement Tools in Elite Studio.jpg
Highlighting Engagement Tools

You can highlight any of the engagement tools within the audience console to draw viewer attention to them. For example, to point out or draw attention to the Q&A tool, click Highlight next to Q&A.  

You can also highlight and center engagement tools during both the prerecorded and the live portion of a sim-2-live webinar. This allows you to highlight or center engagement tools on the fly at any point during the sim-2-live webinar. 

Note: When recording a live webinar and highlighting and/or centering any tools, that spotlighting will display in the on-demand recording. That recording can then be imported into simu-live or sim-2-live webinars with the highlighting/centering displayed.

Highlight Engagement Tool.jpg
If the window is already open on an attendee's console, it will glow for approximately 10 seconds (Related Content example shown below). Highlighted resource list

If it is minimized, the icon in the console dock will glow and bounce in the menu dock. 

The highlight color cannot be customized.

highlighted engagement tool that is closed
Centering Engagement Tools

The Take Action, Take Survey and Related Content engagement tools can also be centered within the console, bringing a higher level of attention.  Clicking on the Center link will center the tool in the console and dim the background.

Center and Highlight Engagement Tools.jpg

If the tool is minimized in the console dock, it will automatically open and be placed in the center.  If the tool is already open, it will be moved to the center.

When a tool is centered, the rest of the console will be dim for 10 seconds to focus attendees' attention on the center of their screen. 

Survey Centered.jpg

Preview Window

By default, the Preview window will be active for Producers and Presenters when they initially log in. 

It can be accessed from the Menu at the top of the page.

The Preview window will display the next item in the storyboard by default, allowing the presenter to see a preview of what is coming before sharing it with the audience.

The Preview window is a personal view for each individual presenter. It does not affect what other presenters see in their Preview window.

preview window.png

You can also click on any item thumbnail in the Storyboard to make it display in the Preview window. This is helpful to see slides not currently in the Live View in more detail.

  • Note:  Only the name of a video clip will display in the Preview window.
preview window of video clip

Previewing Poll Results

The Preview window can be used to preview the poll results while the poll question is being answered by the live audience.

preview poll results elite studio.png


Slide Notes

Using the Slide Notes you can access any notes added to each PowerPoint slide before loading into the webcast. Basic formatting (bulleted or numbered text, bold, italics, underline) from PowerPoint of the notes will carry over and display in Elite Studio. 

The Slide Notes icon es_slide_notes_icon.png to display slide notes is located in the green Control Bar.

Slide Notes
You can enlarge and reduce the size of the text using these buttons  increase decrease text size buttons within the Slide Notes window.  Slide Notes icon location


Pulse Check

The Pulse Check feature allows presenters to pose yes/no, true/false, agree/disagree style questions at any time during the webinar.  A pulse check may be pushed to the live audience to allow a presenter(s) to ask a question verbally and quickly gauge audience participation and understanding.

This feature does not require any setup and is available for both live and sim-2-live webcasts.  Unlike a poll, the results of a Pulse Check are not available in the reporting section.

If you used it during the live webinar, they do not get recorded or placed within the archive. These are only available during the live webinar as a quick action with no reporting. 

Pulse Check
To encourage engagement in Elite Studio the Pulse Check has its own button pulse check icon within the green Control Bar.  Pulse Check button location
Then click the button to launch a pulse check. Sending a pulse check
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