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Using the Storyboard and Storyboard Organizer

How to use the Storyboard to see the sequence and arrangement of all presentation elements in your webcast and how to use the Storyboard Organizer to move/rearrange and hide elements.

The Storyboard

The Storyboard appears under the main stage area (most often used for the Live View window) and is essentially a virtual filmstrip of thumbnails representing all of the elements in your presentation.

Storyboard on the Elite Studio interface

Using the Storyboard as a Presenter you can see what is next and what is remaining to share in the elements of the presentation.

Accessing the Storyboard Organizer

Once content has been uploaded and/or created you can click the Pencil icon in the Storyboard to open the Setup window and the Storyboard Organizer. The ability to access the Storyboard Organizer and rearrange and hide all presentation elements is only available to the Producer role.


Alternatively, you can also click Setup in the Menu.

Setup in the menu

The Storyboard Organizer is part of the Setup window.

storyboard organizer

Moving and Rearranging Elements

To move and rearrange presentation elements, click on the individual element, and drag it to the desired location.

To move two or more elements at a time hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click multiple elements (Shift + click). Then drag them to the desired new location in the presentation.


Hiding Elements

To hide elements, click the Hide  es_hide_slide_icon.png icon. This will prevent the element from being shown to the audience and will grey out the element thumbnail. Hidden elements are not able to be shared.


Removing Assets

You cannot delete a webcast element from the Storyboard Organizer. To completely remove an item from your webcast so it no longer appears in the Storyboard/Storyboard organizer, go to the left and click the appropriate tab (Videos, URLs or Polls). Under these three tabs you can click the trash can icon to delete a video clip, poll or URL. 

Slide decks and individual slides cannot be deleted, only replaced or hidden.


video delete.png


poll delete.png


url delete.png


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