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Uploading and Managing Video Clips

How to upload and manage your video clips in Elite Studio.

Uploading Video Clips

To upload video clips (.mp4 files), click the Arrow icon. Browse to and select the file.

Or click and drag the file to this area to upload. 

Upload video clip button

Once video clips have been uploaded and converted, they will appear in the Video tab of the Setup window.


To rename the video, click the Name and then type a new / edited name into the white box.

Renaming video clips

Select the Audio checkbox for the audio to be played and heard by the audience.

To delete the video, click the Trash Can icon  es_trash_can_icon.png.

To download the video, click the Download  icon  es_arrow_download_slides_icon.png.

Stopping a Video Clip During a Webcast

Videos will display in the Media Player in Elite Studio. If you'd like to stop a video clip at any point during playback hover the Media Player and click on the circled square icon at the bottom of the screen. The video will stop and you may continue the presentation by clicking on the forward arrow on the Slide View Window.

Stop Video Clip in Elite Studio.jpg

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