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Sharing Presentation Elements with Your Audience

Using the Live View window, Preview, and Push to Audience button in the Storyboard to share presentation elements (Slides, Video Clips, Polls and URLs) with your audience.

Sharing Presentation Elements

Slides and other presentation elements can be shared and advanced through the Live View window, which shows what is being currently displayed to attendees in the audience console.

Hover over any part of the Live View to see the Next arrow (and Previous arrow) to move to the next (or previous) element.


The element currently showing to your audience in Live View will be highlighted in the Storyboard by the red Live marker.

Live marker with Storyboard

Live Marker

Live Marker

Sharing Slides

If using animations an indicator will appear at the lower left of the Live View window. Click the Next button to cycle through the animations.


From the Storyboard you can click on an element thumbnail to preview it.


When the element is Previewed you can then share that element with your audience by clicking the Push to Audience button at the bottom of the thumbnail in the Storyboard.

Push to audience on thumbnail

The Push to Audience button is helpful to skip ahead or to go back and share elements during the webcast.

Sharing Polls

When sharing poll questions, you can see the number of attendees that have responded by hovering over the poll question in the Live View while it is being shared.

Poll responses  in Live View on hover

To see the poll results as they come in real-time you can use the Preview window either when 1) the Poll Results element immediately follows the Poll Question or 2) when the Poll Results element is selected in the Storyboard.

Sharing Video Clips

When you are sharing a video clip it will play in the Media Player.

Video clip playing in media player

Note that the Media Player in Elite Studio is equivalent to the Audience View in Presentation Manager XD. It is what the audience sees in the Media Player in the audience console.

Sharing URLs

When sharing URLs, you will see the hyperlinked URL title in the center of the Live View of Elite Studio.

Attendees will see the URL shared in the way it was configured to be shown.

  1. When URLs are set to display a URL in Slide Area (in the audience console), the hyperlinked URL Title of the URL is shown, and the attendee must click the link to open the URL.
  2. The Default Browser Window and Custom Browser Window settings will open the URL in another browser window (Custom Browser option shown below).

custom browser size opened URL

Downloadable "Train the Trainer" Resources

These PowerPoint files are suitable for training your internal staff.

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