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Logging Into Elite Studio

How to login to Elite Studio, overview of role permissions and window/tool views for each role after logging in.

Currently Elite Studio works with Live, Simu-live and Sim-2-Live events (June 2020)

System Requirements

The latest System Requirements for Elite Studio are listed  at the bottom of the login page.

Elite Studio Login Page with the System Requirements highlighted


Elite Studio has the same roles as Presentation Manager XD: Producer, Presenter and Q&A

Presenters can connect to the webcast to present and share slides and other presentation elements (Polls, Video Clips and URLs).

Only Producers can access the Setup window (to upload slides and video clips, add poll questions, and add URLs ) access the Storyboard Organizer and the Start and Stop Webcast button.

Below is a complete breakdown of user permissions for each role. 

elite studio user permissions.jpg

If you are running a webinar by yourself, be sure to log in as a Producer so you can access all of the webcast features, including the Start Webcast/Stop Webcast button.

Security Settings

Access the Security Settings link (below the Producer button) from the login page to add a password requirement for each role to login and to specify the permissions of the Presenter and Q&A. 

Security settings


When logging into Elite Studio there will be a default set of windows open initially depending on your role. You can further open, close and rearrange the windows for your personal view.

Producer and Presenter role: Live View, Team Chat, Q&A, Attendees and Preview

Elite Studio view after login for Producers

Q&A role: Q&A, Live View and Team Chat

Elite Studio interface view after login for Q&A

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