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Elite Studio - Connecting as a Presenter

How to connect to Elite Studio by Phone, Webcam, or VCU to present your webcast.
Trainer Resource: Presenting in Elite Studio - use this presentation to train your internal staff and presenters.


Connection Options

After logging into Elite Studio, a Control Panel will display. 

  • The Connection Panel connects presenters to the webinar by Phone, Webcam/PC Mic, or Video Conferencing Unit (VCU). 
  • Connecting with a VCU is available as a product add-on.  Please reach out to your Account Manager for pricing.
    • Important:  For Live Video & Audio (VPB) webinars, there is a known issue when the first presenter initiates the live day bridge using a phone, it introduces lip-sync issues for the other presenters. To prevent this, please be sure the first presenter to connect to the webinar is connecting by webcam instead of by phone
    • Someone on the presenting team (producer or presenter) must remain connected to the webinar at all times.  Otherwise, the live stream will stop and re-start, resulting in two separate archives of the webinar.  

    • If you are running a longer webinar and would like to take a break in the middle of the presentation, presenters can mute their camera and audio during that time.  All presenters should maintain their connections during the break and make sure their computer doesn't go into sleep mode or restart itself.  Following these proactive measures will ensure the live stream isn't disrupted and the webinar converts to on-demand correctly.
elite studio control panel.png


  • Dial the number provided and follow the prompts to enter the Webcast ID and Passcode.
  • For International Numbers click the International Numbers link. 
  • The dial-in numbers are for presenters only.  Please do not distribute these numbers to your audience.
  • Connecting by phone is recommended for presenters who are not on a stable high-speed internet connection.
    • Note:  The Webcast ID and Passcode will vary for each webinar.
connecting by phone.png

Webcam and PC Mic

  • Click Webcam and allow the system a moment to connect to your webcam through the browser.
  • Your default webcam will connect automatically. Other options can be selected from the Camera and Mic drop-downs.
dropdown mic.png
  • If connecting by PC Mic only, choose None for the Camera setting, and select your Mic from the drop-down menu.
elite studio no camera.png
  • Presenters may adjust their input volume using the slider bar.  This will increase/decrease the volume of your microphone.
    • Having an average level in the green-yellow range is recommended.
input volume2.png
  • An alert will appear if attempting to play a video clip or start a webinar when your phone or webcam are not connected
  • Connecting the phone or webcam will ensure video clips and slides will display correctly.
alert connect.jpg

Signal Strength 

  • Once connected by Webcam or PC Mic, a signal strength indicator will display the strength of your internet connection.
    • Three bars = strong signal; packet loss is less than 3%
    • Two bars = medium signal; packet loss is between 3-10%
    • One bar = poor signal; packet loss is greater than 10%
    • Red bar = packet loss is greater than 10% for more than 10 seconds
  • If your signal strength drops to one bar for more than 10 seconds, an alert will display with the choice to turn off the camera and continue presenting with your microphone only.
  • Turning off the camera will significantly lower your bandwidth requirement.  You can always turn your camera back on if your signal strength returns to three bars.
signal indicator.png

Presenter View

  • When you connect your webcam, the Media Player will automatically open to the Presenter tab.  The Presenter tab provides a real-time display of you and your fellow presenters.
  • Switching to the Audience tab will display what the audience is seeing in the Media Player.
    • Note:  There is a two-second delay in the Audience view.  Presenters can rest assured that during the live webinar, the audience will not notice a delay.  For them, the webinar will be in sync and appear in real-time.
  • You can use the Audience view if you are not connected to the presenter bridge and wish to follow along with the presentation.
  • Hovering over either view will show other features, such as changing the video layouts and turning on/off the presenter names.
media player tabs.png


Browser Notice: Using Your Microphone and/or Camera

  • If it is your first time connecting to Elite Studio, you may be asked to grant ON24 access to your microphone and camera.  Be sure to click Allow before closing the window.
  • Once connected you will notice indicators that your microphone and webcam are being used by your browser.
access camera and mic webcam.png
Example:  Chrome Chrome browser message using camera and microphone
Example:  Firefox



Example: Edge edge alert allow camera.png


Muting and Unmuting

The Camera and Microphone icons may be used to mute your webcam and microphone during the webinar.  For presenters connected by phone, we recommend muting from the Presenters list.

Important: Use these mute buttons with caution as they cannot be disabled by anyone else but you.

PC Mic

If a presenter mutes their microphone, a mute icon will appear at the top of the page.  This mute icon mute icon.png can be used by the presenter to mute/unmute themselves anytime during the presentation.

Not Muted Muted


pc mic muted new control panel.png


Not Muted Camera and Mic Are Both Muted

webcam not muted.png


webcam and mic are muted new control panel.png

  • Connect with the Address provided and follow the prompts to enter the Passcode.
    • Note:  The address and passcode will vary for each webinar.
  • Once connected, all Presenters will appear in the Presenters and Team Chat windows.
VCU new control panel.png


Muting from the Presenters Window

  • The Presenters window lists all presentation team members connected by phone, Webcam, PC Mic, or VCU.
  • Producers and Presenters can edit the names, mute/unmute presenters, and disconnect them from the webinar.
  • Everyone presenting in the webinar can access the Presenters list.  It can serve as the "master mute" for Producers to manage the webinar.
    • WARNING:  This mute/unmute button in the Presenters tool will override the personal mute button available to all individual presenters in the Control Panel.
  • To access the Presenters list, navigate and select Presenters from the Menu, located in the green Control Bar.


If you encounter issues connecting please reference our troubleshooting page.

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