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Creating and Managing Polls

How to create and manage your polls in Elite Studio.


Creating Polls

To begin, open the Present URL of your webinar and log in as a Producer.

present url.png

Open the Menu and select Setup.


Under the Polls tab in the Setup window click the Add Poll button to create a poll.

Add Poll button

There are four (4) types of polls that can be created:

  1. Multi-Choice Single Answer
  2. Multi-Choice Multiple Answer
  3. Single Answer
  4. Free Text (ideal for open-ended questions)


Polls can be configured for display in the Slide Window or in a Popup Window.

Display options for polls

If a Popup Window is chosen it may be set to "Off" or a Duration can be set in the dropdown. If set to "Off" the pop-up poll question will appear on the audience console until it is either responded to or dismissed/closed by attendees. The duration (30 seconds, 1 minute, or 2 minutes) is the amount of time the popup window will display and be available for the attendee to respond to the poll.

polls setting duration

When a Multi-Choice Single Answer or Multi-Choice Multiple Answer poll is created, a Poll Question element (sky blue) and a Poll Results element (yellow) is created in the Storyboard. These can be moved and positioned just like slides. You can hide the Poll Results element or put it at the end of your presentation and choose not to share your poll results.

poll question and poll results elements in the Storyboard

Free text and Single Answer polls only have a Poll Question element. Responses to these (and all poll questions) can be viewed in Webcast Intelligence within the Interactions report.

To delete a Poll, click the Trash Can es_trash_can_icon.png icon.

Sharing Polls

When sharing poll questions, you can see the number of attendees that have responded by hovering over the poll question in the Live View while it is being shared.

Poll responses  in Live View on hover

To see the poll results as they come in real-time you can use the Preview window either when 1) the Poll Results element immediately follows the Poll Question or 2) when the Poll Results element is selected in the Storyboard.

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