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Single File Archive

A Single File Archive (SFA) is a video copy of your webcast.  This article details how to set up the SFA.

SFA's can be saved as an .MP4 or .WMV file.  The standard resolution is 720p.  

This file is separate from your archived on demand version and is useful when you need to save a copy of the webcast for compliance purposes.

All SFA requests are processed in the order they are received.  Depending on how many requests are in the queue, it could take up to several hours to complete.  Once the SFA begins processing it is a 1:1 conversion rate, meaning a 45-minute webinar will take a minimum of 45 minutes of processing time to complete. 

  • Submitting a SFA request during peak business hours (Monday - Friday 10 am-2 pm US Pacific Time) may increase the processing time.  When a SFA is ready, an email will be sent to the email address specified in the Archive tab.



Creating a Single File Archive

When creating a SFA, first choose the recording area: Slide Area, Video with Slides, or Event Console.

recording area.png


Slide Area

  • Only the Slides tool and the audio will be available 
  • Use this option for Live Audio present types or audio-only webcasts
  • This option can be selected if screen share was used
    • The video will display the slide image when there is no active screen share and the transition to the screen share accordingly
  • Click here to see an example of a Slide Area SFA


Video and Slides

  • The Slides and Media Player tools will show side by side for the full duration of the webcast
  • Use this option for Live Video and Audio present types or Broadcast Video present types, or Simu-live events with video Presenter Media files
  • This option can be selected if screen share was used 
    • The video will transition to the screen share demo, and then back to the slides once the demo is complete 
  • Click here to see an example of a Video and Slides SFA



Event Console

  • The Console Size setting will set the area of the console that will be captured in the video  
  • Click Preview to view the recording area and check the sizing is correct 
  • A custom size may be set using the drop-down menu and entering the width and height 
    • If the engagement tools do not fit properly within the Preview window, increase the console size for the SFA or make changes to the layout in the Console Builder 
  • If changes are made within the Console Builder, please close and re-launch the Preview window to view the updated recording area.
    • In order to preview correctly, please ensure the zoom on your browser is set to 100%

Important:  The maximum size for the audience console is 1280x1024.  If your console is larger than 1280x1024, please consider reducing the recording area by only showing the essential engagement tools (e.g., Media Player and Slides) within the console.


Next, choose your File Format, either .MP4 or .WMV, and Duration, either Full Duration or 2-minute Preview.



Enter your email address in the Contact Email spot to receive an email with the download link once the SFA is ready.  Multiple emails can be entered, separated by a comma.



Click Create File to start the process.  Once the file is complete you can download from the emailed link or the link listed in the SFA section of the Archive.



The Single File Archive (SFA) may be automatically generated after a live webcast. If you would like to have your SFA automatically generated, submit a support ticket to request this functionality. The automatic SFA can be set to record the Slide Area or Event Console and will be created as an .MP4 file. 
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