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Webcast Quick Links

Describes the webcast Quick Links and columns available on the My Webcasts page.

Webcasts Column

The Webcasts column lists the titles of all the webcasts in your search. You can sort A to Z or Z to A using the orange sort arrows in the column heading.  For webcasts with long titles, you can display the full webcast title upon hover.

my webcasts.png

  • Live Start Time Column -  Lists the scheduled Live Start Time of the webcast. You can sort soonest to latest or latest to soonest using the orange sort arrows in the column heading.
  • Archive Expiration Column - Displays the date the archive of the webcast will expire. You can sort soonest to latest or latest to soonest using the orange sort arrows in the column heading.
  • Type Column - The Type column displays the webcast type.
  • Event ID - Each webcast will have a unique Event ID.  The Event ID is required in order to contact technical support or purchase a professional service.
  • Created By Column - The Created By column lists the first initial and last name of who created the webcast. You can sort A to Z or Z to A on the last name using the orange sort arrows in the column heading.
  • Tags - Tags are created on the Overview page of the webcast.  Once created, they can be used to filter and sort your webcasts.  Click here to learn more about tagging.

Utilities Column

The Utilities column contains the Create-a-Copy, Webcast URLs and Quick Links menu. Mouse over each icon to see the tooltip.


Creating a webinar template will provide a consistent starting place for all of your webinars. Set up a new webcast with all of your branding, registration, emails, engagement tools, etc., and title it Template, to help save time when creating future events. The template webcast should not have any slides or media uploaded to it.

Creating a Webinar Template from ON24 Platform Training Services on Vimeo.

Creating a Webcast Template

To create a webinar template event, click the Create a Webcast button from the My Webcast Page. 

Want more information on creating a webcast?  Find it here!

Once a template webcast event has been set up, you can create copies of your template webcast for future events by clicking the Create-a-Copy button in the Utilities column.


Note: When creating a copy of a webinar with media you will be alerted that the media will be copied too.


Benefits of Creating a Template 

When creating a copy of your webcast template, all design choices, media assets, and set up items will be copied, thereby saving you significant setup time.  Below is a list of the assets that will carry over when copying a webinar.

  • Presentation audio/video 
  • PowerPoint slides & video clips, including the storyboard layout 
  • Audience console design and engagement tool configurations
  • Registration and Lobby page 
  • Messaging and branding within the ON24 email notifications (if applicable)
  • Poll questions and URLs 

Once the copy is created, update the event title, start date and time, present type, and any other design choices (e.g., promo summaries on the registration and lobby page, email messaging, speaker bios, resource list, etc.) as necessary.    Note:  If copying over a Test Event, this option will still have to be toggled on. 

For accounts that have subaccounts (or workspaces), copy or create new webinars between the main and sub-accounts.  When clicking  “Create a Copy” or “Create New” from the My Webcasts page, there will be a "Create In" dropdown that will allow the user to choose the account to copy to (Default will be the current account). If a user chooses a different account from the dropdown, the webinar will be created in that account.


Things to Consider

We do not recommend copying a previously run webinar unless you are broadcasting the exact same webinar at a future date.  When you copy a webinar that has already run, each slide pushed during the live broadcast will get copied over as well.  If a presenter pushed the same slide more than once, then a duplicate of that slide will get archived for the on-demand version.  If you then copy that webinar, the platform recognizes the slide was pushed multiple times and will create duplicates every time you upload a new deck. There is no way to prevent that from happening unless you create a template event from scratch and copy that (which is our best practice) or only copy events that you plan on running again the exact same way at a later date and time.

To address the issue for any currently built events, the duplicate slides must be hidden in PMXD.  Click here to learn how!

To prevent the issue in the future, we recommend building a Template webinar (one that never has slides uploaded or has run previously) to prevent this from creating confusion in the future.


Webcasts URLs

Click the globe icon 15.png in your webcast library or on the chain icon 16.png anywhere in an event to access the URLs for the webcast.


  • Audience URL - The audience URL is used to promote your webinar and access the audience view of the webcast. This URL can be distributed for posting on various websites or for inclusion in email notifications.
  • Reports URL - Use the Reports URL to access the online reports associated with the webcast.
  • Preview URL - The Preview URL is used for previewing the audience console and test functionality before the webcast goes public.
  • Present URL - Use the Present URL to access the presenter tool (either Presentation Manager XD (PMXD) or Elite Studio). One of these (depending on which you are using) will be the tool the presenting team will use to produce the webinar, manage the presentation elements (slides, polls, etc.), and interact with the attendees of the webcast.

Quick Links Menu

From the My Webcasts page, click the menu icon in the Utilities Column to reveal a set of quick links.

quick links.jpg

  • Reports – Use this link to access the online reports associated with the webcast.
  • Preview – Use this link to access the webcast console to test layout and functionality before the webcast is made public.
  • Present – Use this link to access the presenter tool (either Presentation Manager XD (PMXD) or Elite Studio). Both of these tools are the presenter console allowing presenters to manage their presentation elements, such as slides, polls, etc, and interact with the attendees of the webcast.
  • Delete - Use this link to delete the webcast.  Webcasts may not be deleted if the live start time has already passed, or if there are registrants.
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