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Searching the Webcast Library

This article explains how to search and sort your library of webcasts by title, keyword, Event ID, date, and tags.

Searching the Webcast Library from ON24 Platform Training Services on Vimeo.

Searching for Webcasts

Enter keywords, a webcast ID, date range (past or upcoming webcasts, or specific date range), or select a tag(s) to search and quickly find a webcast in your library.

upcoming webcast.png

To return to all the webcasts in your library, the search and date fields must be left blank, and no tags should be selected.



Use tags to organize your webcasts by creating virtual groupings, or "folders", for like events.

  • For example, tag your webinar templates with the "template" tag, so they can be easily accessed when you want to create new webinars by copying these templates
  • Assign tags for each webcast on the Overview page
  • Tip:  To assist in filtering out a few tags in the list, you can "Select All" tags and then deselect the few you need to filter out.



Sorting Webcasts Using the Column Picker

Choose the columns you wish to display on the My Webcasts page using the Column Picker.   Columns to display include:

  1. Event ID 
  2. Live Start Time
  3. Webcast Title
  4. Type
  5. Created By 
  6. Tags
  7. Campaign Code

Once the columns are selected, webcasts may be sorted by clicking on the column title at the top of each column.  The webcast library is sorted by Live Start Time by default.

column picker.png

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