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Image Guide

This guide provides the dimensions for all images that can be used across the Webcast Elite platform.

As a best practice, all images should be sized before uploading to Webcast Elite.   All images that are uploaded to the ON24 platform must be in a .JPG, .PNG, or .GIF format.

Registration and Lobby Page

Banner Image: 990x150

Adding a company logo to your Banner is an easy way to add branding to your registration page. The Banner will be centered at the top of the registration and lobby pages.

For those using the Carousel Registration page, use an image that is 1920px wide instead.

banner image on registration page.png

Audience Console

Background Image: 2900x1350

The console background image will be uploaded in the Console Builder. The image will automatically scale to fit monitors of varying screen resolutions.  

  • Console Background Size 2900 x 1350
  • Laptop Safe Area Inside of That Console Size 1443 x 767

Need a background image? Click here.

Find more information on setting up the Audience Console here.


console border.jpg

If you are using a background image smaller than the recommended specs, viewers on larger monitors might see a bright blue background beyond where your image reaches.

Reduce this effect by changing the background color to a color complementary to your console image.

Under the same setting where you uploaded your background, change the Desktop and Tablet setting to a single color, select the complementary color, and then change the setting back to Image.

border for console.jpg
Console Banner: 1200 wide x 100-150 high

Using a single color, a gradient, or even a combination of elements, a top banner can incorporate your company logo and webcast title.

It can be added within the background image or uploaded separately using the ON24 Image engagement tool.

engagement tool icons menu dock.png

Engagement Tool Icons: 48x48

The engagement tool icons can be changed by clicking the Attributes button. The Attributes menu allows you to change the engagement tools name, icon, and basic properties.

The Engagement Tool Icons tutorial walks you through how to save the images and upload them to your console.  

Need new icons? Click here.

engagment tool icons.png
Speaker Bio Photo: 90x90

The Speaker Bio engagement tool allows you to add fully customizable profiles for each presenter including the speaker's name, photo, title, company, and up to three direct contact links.

Click the Configuration button to upload your photo.


For those using the Carousel Registration page, use a photo that is 500px by 500px instead.

Additional Console Graphics: Dimensions Will Vary

The Image engagement tool allows an image to be displayed on the console and can be hyperlinked to launch a URL in a separate browser window.

All images will display at their original size. 

If resizing or editing is needed, changes should be made offline using your preferred photo editor  (e.g., Photoshop, Snagit, etc.).  

additional graphics.png

Engagement Hub

ON24 Target


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