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Supported Browsers for the Audience - HTML5


This article lists the browsers and operating systems that support HTML5 and MPEG-DASH streaming.

For PCs running Windows 7 or newer

  • Google Chrome v58+
  • Mozilla Firefox v53+
  • Microsoft Edge Browser v38+
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11*

* Windows 7 with IE11 does not support MPEG-DASH streaming. This configuration will fall back to Flash for streaming media.

For Macs running Mac OS 10.10 or newer

  • Google Chrome v56+
  • Mozilla Firefox v53+
  • Safari v10.1+

ON24 also supports an HTML5 webcast experience on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Note to Safari Users: Apple has added an autoplay blocking feature to the Safari browser. A Play button will now display when launching the webcast. Attendees will click Play to view the webcast. Future visits to the ON24 domain will not be blocked.

Signal Indicator

*Please contact your CSM if you would like to enable this feature in your account.

With the June 2017 Platform Release, we added the option to display a signal indicator within the Media Player for any streaming media. This indicator will inform audience members if they do not have sufficient bandwidth to support the streaming media including presenter video, screen share, and video clips.


The following problems can contribute to having insufficient bandwidth:

  • If you are connecting to the Internet through a slow connection, or over a congested WiFi or cellular (mobile) network.
  • You are trying to access a webinar during peak Internet traffic hours.
  • If you are connecting to the Internet from a mobile device.
  • There is heavy traffic on your company network.

To optimize bandwidth, you may consider the following:

  • Upgrading to a faster hard-wired connection.
  • Minimize the number of applications you are running while accessing the event.
  • Try accessing the event during an off-peak Internet traffic period when network congestion may have lessened.
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