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Prospect Engagement Profile


This article provides an in-depth look at the Prospect Engagement Profile (PEP).  The PEP is a unique set of data analytics that translates webinar engagement into valuable intelligence that is automatically delivered to sales, right at their fingertips.  It is designed for integration into CRM systems.

The Prospect Engagement Profile is available with ON24 Connect or Advanced Analytics.  Please contact your CSM or Account Manager for more information.

To open the Prospect Engagement Profile (PEP):

  1. Click the Analytics icon from the left sidebar
  2. Select the Audience (Power Leads) report from the Engagement dropdown.
  3. Once the report loads, select the PEP icon next to the prospect's name to launch the Prospect Engagement Profile.



Tip:  The PEP may also be launched from the audience report by clicking on the Engagement Score.


In a single view, the Prospect Engagement Profile shows a report card of all of the prospect’s recent interactions with your account on the ON24 Platform. The PEP is organized so the important information is front and center, without having to search for it.

All of the prospects’ business interests listed in one place to determine intent, along with the recent webinars they have attended,  the questions asked, polls answered, resources downloaded, etc., so Sales can initiate a meaningful and relevant conversation.


Note Taking 

The Prospect Engagement Profile provides the ability to take short notes to track engagement with every potential prospect.   

Notes are limited to 500 characters.

Lifetime Activity

The entire Lifetime Activity of the prospect is displayed among eight different widgets.

1)  Engagement Level

Indicates the engagement level of the prospect within the account.  The engagement level can be either HIGHMEDIUM or LOW and is calculated primarily on the total time spent within the ON24 account in the recent past.  

  • High:  Watched 55+ minutes in the last 30 days
  • Medium:  Watching 55+ minutes in the last 60 days
  • Low:  Everyone else

2)  Total Engagement Minutes

Displays the total time the prospect or lead has engaged with webinars and all other associated content made available via the Content Gateway. 

3)  Total Touches

Displays the total number of times, the prospect or lead interacted with or "touched" the ON24 platform.  This number is based on the number of webcasts attended, resources downloaded as well as videos, documents or web pages made available via Engagement Hub.  When the user clicks the Total Touches widget, the following widgets show up and provide the remaining webinar statistics:

  • Webinars Attended - Displays the number of webinars attended  by the prospect
  • Resources - Indicates the number of resources downloaded by prospect via Audience Console during the webinar
  •  Videos Watched: Indicates the number of videos watched *Available if using the Engagement Hub
  • Documents Read:   Indicates the number of PDFs viewed *Available if using the Engagement Hub
  • Webpages Viewed:  Indicates the number of External URLs viewed *Available if using the Engagement Hub

Business Interests

The Business Interests section includes the top interests of the prospect. It is designed to assist the Salesperson viewing the Prospect Engagement Profile (ideally through an ON24 connector integration with their CRM) in knowing specific business interests of this prospect to engage in a meaningful follow-up conversation with them.

Customers can now opt-in to sharing prospects’ business interests across webinars done by other ON24 customers (as long as the latter have also opted-into sharing this information). This has the benefit of building out a much richer profile of the prospect and of their interests than is possible with just one ON24 account. It is important to note that no information other than that seen in the Business Interest Cloud is shared - which means no demographic data or detailed activity data

If interested, please contact your CSM for an amendment to your existing work order or contract, to authorize ON24 to enable this capability in your account.

The Edit icon allows users to delete the business interest keywords that do not add real value or provide new insights. When you click on the Edit icon, keywords are suffixed with a cross mark as shown in the screenshot below, to allow for deletion. Once the user deletes a keyword in the Business Interests section, those keywords will be flagged to be removed from this report within 24 hours. Over time, this refinement will provide useful information to the system so it continues to become more accurate and targeted.

Recommended Content

The Recommended Content section provides a great way for the sales reps to interact with leads and continue their content journey.  Based on this lead’s previous activities and engagement with your content, our Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms provide several suggestions for content that is likely to interest this lead.

The content, ordered by likelihood of interest to the lead, with the title of the content and the reason it was selected. Each item has a checkbox. Users can check one or more of the items in the list and then click on the button to open an email to that lead, with checked content listed and linked within the email text. Add some personal text to the email or send it off to the lead with one click.


Content Journey

The  Content Journey chart provides a quick visual view of all of the content a lead has engaged with including, when they viewed the content, and how engaged they were with each webinar. The line represents the growing engagement of the lead, while the points on the line represent each event, with icons showing the content type. The sharper the angle of the line, the more engaged with the content the lead was.

For example, in the chart below, you can see that this lead was lightly engaged in April, viewing a couple of webcasts, but then became very engaged in the content in late May, viewing many different events of varying types. The total engagement score jumped from 13 to nearly 30 in just a few days.


It is easy to get the details on the content this lead viewed, and how he/she engaged with it. By hovering over any of the event points on the line, you will get an informational popup with details including content title and date viewed, as well as any engagement with various engagement tools the lead had (see below).


Recent Activity

All recent webinar engagement and interactivity, including questions asked, resources downloaded and responses to any given polls and surveys will be displayed.  If using the ON24 Engagement Hub, new content views, including URLs, Videos, and Flipbooks (PDFs) will be tracked.



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