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PowerPoint Guidelines


This page covers the basics of slide design, settings to avoid, what to do in the unlikely event that a slide deck fails to upload and any known issues with .PPT and .PPTX files.

PowerPoint Guidelines from ON24 Platform Training Services on Vimeo.

Slide Design Basics

  1. File format must be Microsoft PowerPoint PPT or PPTX  (Keynote and Google Slides are not supported).
  2. You may upload up to 10 slide decks/webcast.
  3. Your slide deck should have a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio (From the Design Tab > Page Setup>On Screen Show) and begin with slide number 0 or 1.
  4. The deck should not be password-protected
  5. The deck should not have read-only embedded fonts
  6. The deck should not have links to external content
  7. Only one master slide is permitted
  8. Highlighted text is not supported
  9. Slide Deck should be no more than 50 Mb in size
  10. The first Slide Animation must be set to start on click
  11. Embedded objects, such as SmartArt, Audio, Excel, Video, etc. are not supported
  12. Animated GIFs are not supported
  13. Slide elements should fit within slide margins.
  14. Custom Bullets are not currently supported (standard bullets only).
  15. Slide Transitions are supported. However, all transitions need to be set to On Mouse Click. The After: box should remain unchecked.


Avoid Using

  1. When saving slides in PowerPoint, avoid using a period in the title of the file (e.g., Sales Kickoff v.2).  This will produce an error message when attempting to upload the slides as a resource to the Resource List engagement tool. In lieu of using a period, an underscore can be added.
  2. Type size smaller than 20 point type
  3. Embellished fonts (text with shadows, bevels, special effects or highlighted)
  4. Textured or gradient backgrounds
  5. Slide numbering on the slide Header, Footer, or Master slide

Tips to Maximize Legibility

  1. Check the box for "Do Not compress images in file" (File...Options...Advanced..Image Size and Quality)
  2. Use larger font sizes that you would normally (Click here to view the fonts we currently support)
  3. Use simple design elements and solid color blocks
  4. If you plan to insert screen-capture images in your PowerPoint, it is very important that you reduce screen resolution to 800x600 or 800x450 in order to keep the content legible. Also, reduce the color depth to "High Color (16- bit)".

Important: If the uploaded PowerPoint file is corrupted or damaged, the system will send an email to the primary account email address and then re-upload the PowerPoint in a flattened state. Flattening the slide deck will automatically remove animations. If you wish to keep the animations, you can fix the slide deck in PowerPoint and re-upload the slide deck. If you need help identifying the issue(s) with your slide deck, please submit a case for technical support and attach your slide deck to the case.

If your PowerPoint does not upload as expected, please do not continue to attempt to upload your PowerPoint as this will exacerbate the issue and prolong the time it takes to reach a resolution. Please submit a case for technical support and attach your slide deck to the case so our team can assist you.

Slide Dimensions and Aspect Ratio

The slide dimensions are set by the Slide engagement tool in the console. If the Slide tool is set to 640x480, the PowerPoint will be uploaded at those dimensions. Please ensure that both height and width are even numbers, or you may encounter problems during slide conversion.

We recommend that everything is finalized on your console and PowerPoint deck prior to uploading it to the console. Use the chart below as a guide to help you determine the proper size for your Slide engagement tool.

Common Slide Engagement Tool Dimensions

4:3 Aspect Ratio

16:9 Aspect Ratio











Unsupported Animations

*Supported on text element only





Motion Path

Change Fill Color

Bold Flash



Stairs Down

Change Font

Brush on Color


Style Emphasis


Change Font Size

Brush on Underline

Grow with Color

Bold Reveal


Change Font Style

Color Wave



Change Line Color


Color Typewriter


Color Typewriter

Color Blend*



Random Effects




Vertical Highlight*

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