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PM Elite is Now Available in Beta


This article explains the beta version of PM Elite and provides answers to FAQs about the new tool.

We have been working on a new version of Presentation Manager XD (PMXD). This new version, PM Elite, is now available for a live sneak peek and we want to invite you to try it out and provide feedback. This will help us improve the product to better match your needs.

Please note the following restrictions with this version:

  1. Management of Q&A is still under significant redesign and will look quite different on launch. Please do not provide specific feedback about Q&A, since it will change significantly anyway.
  2. This interface is for the Execution of LIVE webinars only. All other workflows - like recording, managing Simu-live/Sim-2-Live, etc, will need to be done in PMXD.
  3. As a next-generation tool, it does not support Flash Content. If you are still doing Flash webinars, or don't have a modern browser (specifically, Internet Explorer on Windows 7), please continue to use PMXD instead.

 When we enable access to the beta version for an account:

  • It will show the Try the new Beta! button in PMXD for events created under that account (see image below).
  • You can click the button to load the new version and try it.
  • If you want to switch back, click the Menu icon on the top right and in the dropdown, click Open in PMXD.

Webcasts will continue to open in PMXD, and users can explicitly click the button to try the new version. Also, the same event can be used by different presenters in either version.


A few FAQ’s are listed below, but please feel free to contact us at and share any questions or feedback you might have. 



1.  What are the key benefits of this version of Presentation Manager?

  • Responsive, intuitive design, so there will be much less confusion for first-time users (who are 80% of PMXD's user base).
  • Fast, modern code base, so synchronizing interactions between presenters is particularly quick, with fewer issues with lockups or needing to perform an operation twice.
  • Designed to work with smaller form factors. Eventually, will work on mobile as well.

2.  What event types does this change cover?

It covers all live webinars, but not Simu-live, Sim-2-live or On Demand Presentations – all of those will continue to use PMXD.

3.  Are there any limitations on browser support?

The new version works on all modern browsers using HTML5, but it does not support Adobe Flash. In practical terms, that means all major browsers except IE11 on Windows 7 will work (IE11 is supported on Windows 10, as are Firefox, Edge, and Chrome on Mac).

4.  How can I access it, if enabled?

In PMXD, there is a “Try the New Beta” button. Click it to launch.  This button will show for all roles: Producer, Presenter, and Q&A.

5.  If something is not working, can I get back to PMXD?

Yes, the Menu in PM Elite has an option to switch back to PMXD.

6.  What’s next in terms of the roadmap for this version?

By the end of 2018, we expect to redesign the Q&A module based on feedback, as well as adding official support for Simu-live / Sim-2-Live.

7.  How do I provide feedback?


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