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PM Elite Product Tour


PM Elite is ON24’s new web-based application for managing live webcasts. Look here to get familiar the interface and descriptions of all the tools.

Put Your Presenters at Ease with PM Elite

PM Elite is ON24’s new web-based application for managing live webcasts.

  • Customizable view for each presenter
  • Comprehensive slide control
  • Fully functioning slide builds and animations
  • Designed to support up to 10 presenters
  • Chat, polls, and Q&A to engage directly with attendees

Main Window

2 no chat.png

1.  Welcome Widget

Includes links to provide feedback on the new UI and the product help page.

2.  Upload Content Open the Setup panel to upload slides, video clips, add poll questions, and URLs.
3.  Menu All the options can now be accessed through this menu icon. On click, a dropdown will show with all available options: Control Panel, Setup, Q&A etc.
4.  Window Section Windows opened from the Menu will show in the right side. This section is scrollable.
5.  Resize Windows You can minimize the windows by clicking the header. 

Presenter Tools

3 no chat.png

6.  Task-focused Layout  This is the area dedicated to the main task. For presenters, this will be the current slide. On hover, slide navigation arrows will be shown.
7.  Storyboard This shows the storyboard and can be scrolled. Clicking on any thumbnail will show the preview and the “Push to Audience” button.
8.  Edit  This will bring the Setup panel, where you can go the Storyboard tab and reorder content.
9.  Presenters / Team Chat All presenters connected via web-login, dial-in, webcam, etc. are shown in this window. If a presenter recognizes their connection (ex. dialed in no.) they can click “Is this you?” to combine it with their web-login.
10.  Resize Handle Drag this to resize the left and the right sections to fit your needs. This UI is also responsive and works across browser sizes, screen resolutions, and device types such as mobile and tablet.


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