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Sophisticated, data-driven marketers need to not only generate pipeline and drive revenue but also need to be able to measure and demonstrate the ROI of their marketing programs. This article outlines the features included in the Advanced Analytics package.

NOTE:  Advanced Analytics is available as an add-on product.  Please contact your Customer Success Manager for additional information.

Advanced Analytics provides unprecedented, actionable buying insights into the engagement and behavior of prospects, the performance of ABM webinar programs, and funnel optimization opportunities, ensuring engagement-driven webinar marketing efforts truly deliver results. 

Key features of Advanced Analytics

The Prospect Engagement Profile, designed for integration into CRM systems, is a unique set of data analytics that translates webinar engagement into valuable intelligence that is automatically delivered to sales, right at their fingertips. These insights let marketing and sales teams engage in tailored communications with prospects, targeting topics most relevant to the buyer, resulting in higher close rates and increased revenue. 


Effectively measure the impact of ABM campaigns with the Account Engagement Profile, which makes it easy to identify accounts most highly engaged with webinar, video and PDF content.  

Categorize and analyze webinars with Funnel Metrics to help discover what stage leads are at in the buying process, understand how leads flow through the funnel and identify funnel stages that may need additional webinar content.

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