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Funnel Analytics


This article describes the benefits of having webinars targeting each stage of the funnel and how to use funnel analytics within Webcast Elite.

To use Funnel Analytics, you must go to the webinar Overview page and classify your webinars into the appropriate funnel stage: Awareness, Consideration, Evaluation, and Retention. Based on your responses, ON24 will allow you to filter your leads by clicking on the stage in the funnel graphic.

While the mix of items in the funnel will be different for each company, having a balanced funnel with webinars targeting each stage has been proven effective at accelerating prospects in their buyers' journey and allows for the highest degree of engagement at scale.  Please contact your ON24 Customer Success Manager for pricing.


Note: At this time, the list of stages is not customizable, but if you do see a need to do that, please send an email to outlining your needs.

Why Should I Use Webinars at Every Stage of the Funnel?

There is a lot of marketing lore that talks about using webinars only for the top of funnel activity. Modern Marketers know it to be false - webinars are the single most engaging tactic in the Marketers' arsenal.

Where an email campaign or an ad impression is measured in a few seconds, webinars engage their audiences for 3000+ seconds, on average. As we reduce friction for our customers, we must give them the information they want, in a format that is impactful and promotes our brand, and that is available to the customer whenever and wherever they need it.


This is the top-of-funnel webinar everyone is familiar with - a good way to sort out and get an indication of interest in a particular subject area from the audience, and to build brand awareness and thought leadership.


This is perhaps the most critical step where an engaging experience can pull in a potential prospect as they start to self-educate about the various options they have in the marketplace. At the same time, unbranded, rambling,

or poorly-presented information could easily lose a potential customer. Use frequent, short webinars and demos, with sufficient time for Q&A and Chat at this stage to help a customer fully evaluate your offering against their filter criteria. Do not hesitate to suggest additional criteria they should be considering at this stage as you highlight your unique differentiators.


The customer has short-listed a handful of solutions - this is where you bring in the big-guns - demos and product experts need to be put in front of the customer to help them make an informed decision. In some cases, experts from Sales can do an excellent job when taking a consultative approach with a small group of customers. Consider using the Sim-2-Live feature and frequently re-using content - perhaps for webinars every few days, followed by Live Q&A.


Once you have customers, you want to reduce churn, make your product sticky, extol its uses and versatility, and build a long term relationship with that customer. Use webinars as your communication vehicle to continue the conversation and build a strong customer community. Note: For maximum leverage, you may want to consider adding webinar, PDF (Flipbook), and video content into topic-focused, or customer-persona or customer-interest focus Gateways.

Viewing the Funnel Report

Open the Analytics dashboard and select Funnel.

funnel analytics.jpg

Once loaded, the numbers displayed in the Funnel represents how many registered for a webinar tagged at each of the levels.  Clicking on the level will load the list of leads.

funnel results.jpg


I don't see a way to classify my webinars into the standard stages - how do I do that?

If you do not see Funnel Classification for your account, or if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Why these particular four stages - my company uses different terminology or a different number of stages?

We've tried to keep the terminology universal and easy to understand, so it can be applied to the widest variety of use cases. If you have a particular use that requires a different funnel, please reach out directly to to discuss it.

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