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Connecting with a VCU - Video Conference Bridge and End Point


If your account is set up to connect to Presentation Manager XD using a video conferencing unit, review the steps here to successfully connect and present live webcasts.

The ON24 Video Presenter Bridge provides the ability to present live webcasts using video conferencing units and Skype for Business. Up to ten presenters per webcast are supported, with voice-activated presenter switching.   There are three video layout options which are changeable on the fly.  

Note:  VCU and Skype for Business are not enabled by default. Please contact your CSM if you would like information about enabling VCU and Skype for your account.

Step 1: Create the Webinar

When creating a Video Presenter Bridge webinar, select Live Video and Audio (with screen share) as the Present Type.


Step 2: Login to PMXD

Login to Presentation Manager XD as a Producer and the Control Panel window will automatically launch.

Step 3: Select VCU (Video Conferencing Unit) in the Connection Info

Click on the Connection Info link, and select VCU.

Step 4: Use the address provided in the Control Panel to connect your VCU

If using a Multipoint Control Unit, click here.



Step 5: Enter the Webcast ID and Passcode followed by # sign.

The Webcast ID and Passcode are unique for each webcast.


Step 6: After the Webcast ID and Passcode is entered, the “Connected” screen will display confirming the VCU is connected to the webcast.


Ports to be Opened

Assuming https (TCP 443) is allowed, which is true in most enterprises, these are the ports that are required for connecting the VCU to Video Presenter Bridge:

A+V Traffic, PMXD > VPB hardware, negotiates a UDP port between 40,000 and 49,999 for the data flow.

A+V Traffic, VPB > PMXD utilizes a UDP port between 1025 and 65,535.

If SIP is used, Signaling must be over TCP.  If UDP is used, the VPB will never receive the signaling to set up the call, and will silently refuse the connection

Single Entry Authentication

If the VCU requires a single entry authentication address, the format below may be used. The address should be entered as one continuous string, without spaces. The Webcast ID and Passcode will be unique to each event.



Event ID: 1599098

Passcode: 88011

Single Entry Authentication address: 1599098**

Connecting with an MCU

Although connecting an MCU to the VPB has not been tested with a wide selection of MCUs, it may be possible to connect as a VCU by accessing the address in the following format: xxxxxxxyyyyyy#, where xxxxxxx = the seven-digit Webcast ID and yyyyyy=passcode

The address should be entered as one continuous string, with spaces separating the address, Webcast ID, and the Passcode. The Webcast ID and Passcode will be unique to each event.

Different MCU's may have different characters used in the string.  If the attempt to connect fails, please open a case with ON24 Signal Engineering for support.  Formats known to work:

Connecting with Numeral Entry

If your VCU remote allows only numeric entry, perform a "nslookup" to  get the numeric addresses associated with "" Then replace the name with one of the addresses from the nslookup in any of the methods described above.

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