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Connecting with Skype for Business / Lync


If your account is set up to connect to Presentation Manager XD using Skype for Business or Lync, review the steps here to successfully connect and present live webcasts.

Supported Server Setups

  • Skype for Business
  • Lync 2013
  • Lync 2010
  • Skype for Business Online via Office 365

Supported Lync Clients

  • Skype For Business 2015 Windows client
  • Lync 2013 Windows client
  • Lync 2010 Windows client
  • Lync 2011 Mac client

Federation Checklist

1.)  Ensure you have an active Lync 2010, Lync 2013, or Skype for Business account.

2.)  Federate with ON24 - If your Lync deployment is not configured for open federation, you will need to add as a member of your federated partners.

3.)  Ensure that you have a publicly issued certificate installed on your Lync/Skype for Business Edge Server(s).

4.)  Ensure network firewalls allow ports in both directions towards our IP space:

Protocol Source-Port Dest-Port Description Device
TCP <ANY> 5061 SIP/TLS Lync & Skype for Business SIP/TLS
TCP/UDP <ANY> 4000-49999 RTP/RTCP/RDP Lync & Skype for Business Media

For more technical information please visit the following links: 

Questions to Ask Your IT Team

  • What version of Lync Server are we running?
  • Are we set up for Open Federation?
  • Are the Lync certificates all current, valid and issued by a public authority?
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