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Are you using Audio over a SIP-Enabled Phone?


To use a direct SIP connection reference this resource to configure your Client PBX server.

Try dialing the phone number in the "Dial-In" tab of Presentation Manager XD, instead of trying to connect to the VCU URL.

If you would like to use the direct SIP connection, you will need to do the following:

  1. Configure your Client PBX server, where your phone (e.g., a Polycom VVX310) is registered, to route the calls to trunk (TCP SIP) with some dial pattern. E.g 009XXXXXX. (where XXXX is eventid)
  2. Now presenters from Polycom VVX310 can dial 009XXXXXX. From their phone and the call will be routed to our VPB and gets connected.
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