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Account Engagement Profile


The Account Engagement Profile (AEP) summarizes an account’s (or customer’s) interactions with all ON24 webinars and distinct types of contents or videos uploaded on the ON24 platform.  This article provides an in-depth look at the numerous data points within the AEP.

Note: The AEP is part of the Advanced Analytics package within Elite.  Please consult your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager for more information.

The AEP assists companies to use account-based marketing (ABM) that concentrates sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts within a market and employs personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each customer.   Account-based marketing provides higher ROI than other marketing initiatives.

The AEP is accessible via the Account Engagement Cloud within the Elite Analytics Dashboard.

launching the account engagement profile.jpg

Upon clicking the individual account via the Account Engagement Cloud, a unique webpage launches that displays the following key sections.

  1. Account engagement metrics for the accounts (based on lifetime activity for last 90 days)
  2. Funnel  stages displaying the number of registrants & attendees belonging to all four stages of the funnel
  3. Most recent interactions carried by any lead or prospect pertaining to this account 
  4. Most recent content views and viewers of that specific content type

Account engagement metrics for the accounts include the following widgets:

  • Average Engagement Score - This lists the average engagement score of all the webinars conducted by this account
  • Engagement Minutes - Total Engagement Minutes of all the leads belonging to this account
  • Total Leads - Lists the total leads belonging to this customer or account
  • Total Attendance - Lists the total attendees of all the webcasts conducted by this customer or account
  • Content Views from Content Gateway - Displays the number of times the different types of content was viewed by all leads belonging to this account. The icons also list the specific types of content seen (video, webcast, URL, etc.).
  • Unique Attendees to Leads - Displays the conversion rate for all leads in the past 90 days.  The number is calculated by dividing total unique attendees by total leads (registrants).  If all of your registrants attend a webcast, then the value will display as a 100% conversion rate.
  • Registration Source - Lists the registration source for all leads
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