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Prospect Engagement Profile


This article provides an in-depth look at the Prospect Engagement Profile (PEP).  The PEP is a unique set of data analytics that translates webinar engagement into valuable intelligence that is automatically delivered to sales, right at their fingertips.  It is designed for integration into CRM systems.

The Prospect Engagement Profile provides all of a prospect's business interests listed in one place to determine intent, along with the recent webinars they have attended,  the questions asked, polls answered, resources downloaded, etc., so Sales can initiate a meaningful and relevant conversation. 

*Note: If the Hide Poll Response Details setting is enabled in your account, the Prospect Engagement Profile will not show poll responses for any of the webcasts.

The Prospect Engagement Profile is available with ON24 Connect or Advanced Analytics.  Reach out to your CSM for more information.

There are two ways to open the Prospect Engagement Profile (PEP):

  1. Click the Analytics 
  2. Select the Audience (Power Leads) report from the Engagement dropdown.
  3. Once the report loads, select the PEP icon next to the prospect/lead's name to launch the Prospect Engagement Profile.


The PEP may also be launched from the Audience report in Webcast Intelligence by clicking on the attendee's name.


Prospect Engagement Profile

In a single view, you can access a report card of the prospect's recent interactions with your ON24 account. The PEP is organized so the important information is front and center, without having to search for it.



Accessing the Prospect Engagement Profile (PEP) URL requires that users/viewers be logged into the ON24 platform to protect attendees' Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  PII includes the following:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Company

In some situations, however, if the PEP is passed through integration, and accessed outside of ON24, PII could be visible. We have determined through our ongoing review of best practices that PII should not be displayed on the PEP pages by default and have implemented additional security.   

 If you are using the PEP through integration the PEP will be visible but with no PII.

PEP with PII


PEP with no PII


In most cases, this is irrelevant as you are launching the PEP from a user record in a system that is integrated with ON24, and you will already know who the user is. 

However, if you require your PII to be unhidden when accessing the PEP through an integration please contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this change.


Anyone clicking on a PEP link from a domain that is not on the PEP referrer whitelist will be denied access to the Profile page (unless logged into the Elite account.)

The PEP referrer whitelist will contain:

  • All PEP links clicked from any ON24 report will continue to work for anyone.
  • If you are using the Salesforce integration and embedding your leads’ profile pages in your Salesforce instance, this will continue to work as it always has.

In addition to those two domains, any other domain (or subdomain) can be added to your PEP referrer whitelist. You may want to add your own company’s domain so that you can post links to lead profiles from pages on your own site. Or you may want to add the domain for any third-party software that you integrate with, where you might be clicking on PEP links.

To add domains to your PEP referrer whitelist, please speak with your Customer Success Manager (CSM).




Note Taking
  • Take short notes to track engagement with every potential lead.

  • Notes are limited to 500 characters.




Retention Stage 
  • The funnel stage reached will be represented at the top.  

retention stage.png

Lifetime Activities
  • A summary of all the engagements the prospect has in your account.

    • Click on the arrow next to Total Touches to get additional details.

  • See below for a breakdown of the information provided.


PEP Total Touches.png

Recommended Content
  • Helps your sales team provide prospects additional resources to help with their content journey.

  • Using Artificial Intelligence, ON24 will generate a content list based on the prospect's previous activities including:

    • The webinars they've attended

    • The resources downloaded from the Resource List within the webinars

    • Text from questions they submitted while attending the webinar

  • The content will be ordered by the likelihood of interest.  

  • Check one or more of the boxes to email the linked content list to the prospect. 

  • Clicking the 'Send Email' button will automatically launch a new email and a custom message may be added before emailing the prospect. 


Business Interests
  • Provides keywords related to the specific interests of the prospect to assist Sales with follow-up conversations.

  • The keywords are generated using Artificial Intelligence and are based on the following text elements:

    • The titles of the webinars the prospect attended

    • The titles of resources the prospect downloaded from the Resource List within the webinars

    • Text from questions they submitted while attending the webinar

  • You can opt-in to share this information with other ON24 webcast customers (as long as they have also done so), in order to build out a more robust profile.

    • No information other than that seen in the Business Interest Cloud is shared - no demographic data or detailed activity data.

  • Click the Edit icon to remove keywords that do not provide value to create a more refined assessment over time.

    • Deleted words will be removed from the report within 24 hours.


PEP business interests.png

Content Journey
  • A visual view of all the content a prospect has engaged with, include when they watched and how engaged they were.

    • The sharper the angle of the line, the more engaged the lead was.

  • The line represents the growing engagement of the lead, while the points on the line represent each event, with icons showing the content type.

    • Hover over any event on the line to get details such as content title, date viewed, and Engagement Score.

    • Call to Actions (CTAs) will display a purple border around the webinar icon on the content journey line (as shown).   Any webinar that shows with a purple border around it represents one where the lead clicked on at least one CTA.

      • Rolling over the icon will open a popup with interaction Editdetails for the webinar. 

content journey pep.png

hover over pep.png

Recent Activity
  • The six most recent activities completed by the prospect including webinars attended, questions asked, resources downloaded, CTAs clicked, Buying Signals, and responses to any given polls and surveys will be displayed.  Virtual Conference Engagement  (if applicable to your account) will also be displayed in Recent Activity. Any conferences that your lead has attended recently, as well as details on any Buying Signals from leads within virtual conferences.

    • If the lead clicks on any conversion tools in any of the most recent six pieces of content they viewed, there will be a separate column in the Recent Activities section showing the Buying Signals clicked. If the lead clicked on multiple conversion tools from within the same webcast or Target page, all of those clicks will appear in one column.

  • Use the < arrows > to scroll through the most recent activities.

  • If using the ON24 Engagement Hub, new content views, including URLs, videos, and documents within the Engagement Hub will also be tracked.

Virtual Conference Engagement

Note:  This is only applicable to accounts that have run Virtual Conferences

When the lead has attended a virtual conference recently, there will be a column in the Recent Activities area for that conference. The details provided for each conference include:
Conference Name
Conference Date Attended – if the lead attended on multiple days, this will show the most recent date that the lead attended this conference
Duration – the total time spent by the lead in the conference and any content included in the conference
Sessions – the number of sessions within this conference attended by the lead
Locations Visited – the list of locations within this conference that the lead visited

If this lead clicked on any conversion tools (Book Meeting, Request Demo, etc.) from within the virtual conference, the details for those clicks will also be listed, in a separate column, in the Recent Activities section.

For each conversion from the lead, the details will show:

•  Conversion Tool Name
 Date Clicked
•  From – The name of the Virtual Conference that included the conversion tool



Lifetime Activities Features

The Lifetime Activities of the prospect are displayed among several different sections.  Below is a breakdown of how these metrics are captured.

1)  Engagement Level

The engagement level can be either HIGHMEDIUM, or LOW and is calculated primarily on the total time spent within the ON24 account in the recent past.  

  • High:  Watched 55+ minutes in the last 30 days
  • Medium:  Watching 55+ minutes in the last 60 days
  • Low:  Everyone else
engagement level.png

2)  Total Engagement Time

Displays the total time the prospect has engaged with webinars and all other associated content made available via the Engagement Hub. 

Note: Also includes any time spent by the lead attending virtual conferences (if applicable to your account).

total engagement minutes.png

3) Total Touches

Displays the total number of times, the prospect interacted with or "touched" the ON24 platform.  This number is based on the number of webcasts attended, resources downloaded, Call to Actions clicked, as well as videos, documents, or web pages made available within the Engagement Hub. 

  • Click the arrow to display additional metrics.
PEP Total Touches.png

4)  Webinars Attended & Resources 

Displays the number of webinars attended and the number of resources downloaded by the prospect from the Resource List during the webinars

PEP webinars attended and resources.png

5)  CTAs Clicked

Displays the number of Calls to Action (CTA) the lead has clicked on from the webinars attended.

Need more information on how to create a CTA?  Click here!

  • Details about which CTAs were clicked and from where can be found in both the Recent Activities section and the Content Journey chart at the bottom of the page.
  • In the Recent Activities section, CTA clicks will be in their own column, denoted by the purple CTA icon. The column will show all CTAs clicked from one webinar, including:
    • The name of the CTA 
    • The date the CTA was clicked
    • The name of the webinar from which the prospect clicked on the CTA 
  • If anyone clicks on more than one CTA from the same webinar, those CTAs will each be listed individually in the same column (as shown)



PEP ctas clicked.png

pep ctas.png

6) Videos Watched

Indicates the number of videos watched *Available if using the Engagement Hub

videos watched pep.png

7) Documents Read

Indicates the number of documents viewed *Available if using the Engagement Hub

pep documents.png

8) Webpages Viewed

Indicates the number of external URLs viewed *Available if using the Engagement Hub

pep webpages viewed.png

9.) Buy Signals

The numbers show the number of times this lead has clicked on each of the conversion tools (as well as any CTAs in your content) over the lifetime of the lead. These numbers include clicks on conversion tools from both webcasts and Target pages.


10.) Virtual Conferences 

  •  If your lead has attended any Virtual Conferences, there will be an additional row with details for the lead’s engagement within virtual conferences, including the number of sessions attended and locations visited.





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