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ON24 Breakouts - Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing technical issues using a Breakout Room, please follow these troubleshooting tips.

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Need to Knows

  1. ON24 Breakouts was designed to facilitate a two-way conversation between the audience and a guest speaker, sales rep, product consultant, or other relevant subject matter expert during the live webinar.  For this reason, we recommend designating a separate Breakout moderator from the webinar Presenter/Producer team.  
  2. Testing of Breakouts is not supported through the Preview URL or before the live webinar. We recommend creating a separate test event and rehearsing the Breakout functionality in a live webinar after the Start Webcast button is pressed.  
  3. Initiating screen share is not supported on the Safari web browser. If you are a moderator who needs to screen share, use a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge). There is no Safari limitation for attendees viewing someone else’s screen share. It is only initiating a screen share on Safari that is not supported. 
  4. If joining a Breakout Room as a Moderator, you must join from a desktop or a laptop - joining via a mobile device is only supported for those joining a Breakout Room as an attendee.

General Troubleshooting Steps

Step 1:  Begin by determining whether the problem may be caused by your network environment or the hardware.

You can use the following steps to determine this:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of a WebRTC-capable browser. Check here for a list of known major supported browsers. 
  2. Make sure you have the right ports open. You can check this by running a pre-call test. The pre-call test will be at the login screen of the breakout room.

This test should identify where there are any network issues connecting to the servers.  If something is blocked, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2:  Confirm Your Are Connected to the Internet

  1. Are you connected to the Internet?
  2. Web browser security settings (especially for Internet Explorer) may be too restrictive or blocking certain content.
  3. There may be a security restriction enforced on your network. Check out our guide on restrictive networks here

Step 3:  Confirm the Browser can Access the Camera/Microphone

If the earlier pre-call test didn't show any issues with the network, but you weren't able to see the camera/microphone functioning correctly:

  1. Please confirm that you are allowing access to your camera and microphone when prompted by the browser. You may have blocked access and saved this preference. Please check your browser settings to confirm this is not the case.

allow camera mic access.png

  1. Check if the camera works on a different browser. For instance, if you are using Firefox see if Chrome works instead.
  2. If you have multiple cameras, make sure that the right camera is selected.
  3. Does the camera work in the WebRTC demo?
  4. Does the camera work in another application, such as Microsoft Teams or Photo Booth?
  5. Still no luck?  Submit a Support Ticket.  We'd love to help.
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