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Capturing the Console Output from Chrome Using Dev Tools


Console logging is an easy way to inspect what an application does. Follow these simple steps to capture a console log within Chrome.
Step 1:  Open the webpage of interest and press F12 to access the Developer Tools.


Step 2:  Select the Console tab.

You’ll see a page that looks something like the view below, though the page content will be completely different.


Step 3:  Press shift + F5 to refresh the page.

Refreshing the page will ensure all up-to-date information is captured so ON24 Platform Support can assess the full picture of the issue.

Step 4:  Right click on the console display and select Save as to save the file.

Once the file is saved, send it to ON24 Platform Support.  The console log will allow the support team to see what’s being blocked, and what’s to be done to address the issue.


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