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Engagement Score

The ON24 Engagement Score is calculated based on viewer activity and used to measure attendees’ participation, interactivity, and use of webinar features.  With a maximum score of 10, the Engagement Score algorithm factors in a range of factors into one simple metric. This can then be fed into your marketing automation and CRM systems and used by sales to identify the most engaged prospects. Clients can request to have the personal data in prospect profiles be anonymized by contacting their CSM.


Understand Your Audience's Behavior

Through our patented ON24 Engagement Score, you can analyze audience participation, interests, and attention and use those signals to inform lead qualification and follow-up.  

With a maximum score of 10, the engagement score is calculated using an algorithm that attributes points based on an attendee's activity in the areas listed below.  

Note:  The engagement score algorithm is proprietary information; therefore, the exact formula will not be shared.

  1. Viewing Minutes
  2. Questions Submitted
  3. Polls Answered
  4. Resources Viewed in the Related Content Engagement Tool.
  5. Completion of the Webinar Survey (Applies to the Take Survey engagement tool)
  6. Take Action Tools (formerly Call To Action) Launched
  7. Engagement Tools Opened
  8. Buying Signals (Book Meeting, Request Demo, and Start Free Trial)

Measure Webinar Performance

The Engagement Score is available in both the benchmarking and individual viewer reports. The Engagement Score benchmark report allows you to compare the engagement level of your webinars to webinars in the same industry or others. 

Evaluate Engagement on a 10-Point Scale

With a maximum score of 10, the Engagement Score allows you to compare your webcast performance to a selected target segment, including Technology (marketing), Legal Services (marketing), or Accounting (CPE - continuing professional education).

Compare Your Webinar Performance to “Best in Class”

With the Engagement Score, you can compare your webinar performance to “best-in-class” webinars of your peers – those who are in the top 10% of a segment. You can use this comparison to identify achievable goals for improving viewer engagement, which can help you maximize your webinar performance and increase your return-on-investment.

Identify Where to Apply Best Practices

The Engagement Score can help you focus on the highest-impact interactivity improvements. The Engagement Scores' algorithm weighs the points based on their impact on lead quality. The engagement areas are webcast time, questions asked, engagement tools opened, polls answered, surveys submitted, resources viewed and call to actions (CTAs) clicked.

Enhance Your Lead Scoring & Nurturing Process

The engagement score in the attendee reports provides additional consideration for your lead scoring and nurturing process.  Each viewer is assigned a score, which is available in the webcast Reports URL. This provides an additional factor that can be used for determining lead quality. And, with the ON24 Integration Service, the viewer’s engagement score can be passed to your CRM and marketing automation system and leveraged in your lead scoring and nurturing process.

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