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White-Label Domain for Engagement Hubs

The white-label domain feature allows ON24 customers to leverage a stand-alone Engagement Hub that attributes SEO to a customer brand’s domain.

*Currently available in Beta.  If you are interested in using this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager.   

Setup will require your IT/NetOps teams to work with ON24 during the configuration process. Each Engagement Hub will need to have a separate subdomain.

This involves creating a custom URL such as, and will appear to be a natural extension of their website. Additionally, customers will need to match their brand styling from their website to their engagement hub. ​

reverse proxy explanation


How to Request a White-Label

1.  Customers must obtain a subdomain for each Engagement Hub using a white-label (Example: and provide the following information for the Certificate Signing Request (CSR).  These fields will appear on the SSL Certificate once it’s generated:​

  • Division (ie, NetOps, Marketing)​
  • Organization     ​
  • Locality (the city where the business resides)​
  • State Or Province            ​
  • Country​
  • E-mail Address  (optional)​

2.  Next, complete the site verification with the Domain name provider option -


3.  Submit a support ticket with the information from steps 1 & 2.

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