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Vuture Registration for ON24

This page outlines the steps to link a Vuture form to an ON24 event.

For each Vuture form you want to link to an ON24 event follow the steps below.


The ON24 functionality will need to be enabled for your Vuture instance and your role. Please contact your Vuture Account Manager to enable this feature.

Create a new form or edit an existing form as normal

To connect a form to ON24, the form must contain at least an email field. You can include any other fields on the form and the following fields will be written back with each ON24 registration. Any fields not on this list will not be sent to ON24 but will be recorded in Vuture and your CRM.

Vuture Form Field ON24 Field
FirstName firstname
LastName lastname
Company company
Email email
JobTitle job_title
Address1 address_street1
City city
State state
PostCode zip
Country country
Telephone work_phone
Telephone_Home home_phone

From the "Form settings" tab in the form editor enter the ON24 Audience URL for your ON24 Event which will be in the format:


Save and publish the form.


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