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Marketo ON24 Adapter LaunchPoint Service

The Marketo ON24 adapter takes attendee information in Marketo and pushes into ON24 and pulls attendance information automatically into a Marketo Event.


The Marketo ON24 Adapter LaunchPoint Service allows Marketo to push registrant data to ON24 and pull back program member status updates. See Marketo ON24 Adapter for more information.

Below are answers to common questions about the adapter: 

  • Obtain Client Key and Client ID from your ON24 Customer Success Manager or
  • Marketo registration is required
  • Registrant data pushes to ON24 after a lead is added to a program as “Registered”
  • Marketo confirmation emails should be sent after status changes to “Registered”
  • The only fields sent over to ON24 are first name, last name, email, company and job title
  • Program member statuses update automatically once a day around 11pm Pacific, or can be manually refreshed in the program 1-2hrs after the end of an event using the “Refresh from Webinar Provider”
  • ON24 does not push any data to Marketo. Marketo pushes and pulls all data.


OPTIONAL: Redirect to Webinar from Marketo Landing Page

If you want to immediately push a Marketo registrant into a webinar, you can create a Marketo landing page that registrants hit after registration which does an auto-redirect to ON24. In the landing page Custom HEAD HTML you can add some code that grabs the person email token and redirects to the ON24 seamless registration URL.


The code for this would include the event ID and key for the webinar, as well as a token for the person email address. See example below where you would replace the eventid and key from the audience URL (

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL={{lead.Email Address}}" />    

This redirect would give immediate access to the webinar and only pass over the email address. When the Marketo ON24 Adapter pushes the additional registrant data, the existing record with the same email address would get appended with the other data so you would still get the complete set of registrant information in ON24.

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