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Eloqua to ON24 Registration - Eloqua Landing Page Redirect

Add Redirect Script to "Thank You for Registering" Eloqua Landing Page

1. On the setup for the post registration landing page, go to Tools > Page Snippet Tools > Open HTML Editor:


2. Add redirect script. The code includes the eventid and key for the webinar, as well as a merge field for the contacts email address. See example below where you would replace the eventid and key from the audience URL (

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=<span class='eloquaemail'>EmailAddress</span>" />

This redirect would give immediate access to the webinar and only pass over the email address. When the Post Data to Server pushes the additional registrant data, the existing record with the same email address would get appended with the other data so you would still get the complete set of registrant information in ON24.

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