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Eloqua Registration for ON24 - Post Data to Server for Webinars

Instructions on using Eloqua for registration and a post data to server form processing step to post registrant data to ON24.

Setup Eloqua Form Fields

1. Create a Form in Eloqua with registration fields

2. Include Hidden Fields for "eventid" and "key"


3. The values for eventid and key can be set either as static values which require setting up a new form for each webinar, or you can pass these values over from hidden fields on an Eloqua landing or post from an external form. The eventid and key can be pulled from the audience URL and these are unique per event:

Add Processing Step for Post Data to Server

1. Go to the Form Processing Steps and add Post Data to Server

2. For General Settings select Constant Value and add the URL

3. For the hidden fields eventid and key, change the Target Fields to "eventid" and "key". These are case sensitive.

4. If using the Eloqua Standard Fields in the table to the below, there is no need to configure Field Mappings other than the eventid and key

5. For custom mapping, edit the Target Fields using the ON24 Target Field values in the table belowImage_002.png

The endpoint will automatically map the Eloqua Standard Fields below without the need to change the Target Field name to match the ON24 Target Fields. For any other fields, use the attribute names in the ON24 Target Field column.

Eloqua Standard Fields ON24 Target Field
First Name firstname
Last Name lastname
Company company
Email email
Title job_title
Street Address 1 address_street1
Street Address 2 address_street2
City city
State state
Postal Code zip
Country country
Work Phone work_phone