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Eloqua Registration for ON24 - ON24 Webinar Registration App

Instructions on installing and using the ON24 Webinar Registration App in Eloqua.


The ON24 Webinar Registration App delivers user profile data from Oracle Eloqua to ON24. 

Please see the steps below for adding the ON24 Registration App to a campaign canvas in Eloqua:

1. Download the app at

2. Add App to campaign canvas.


3. Open the app and click on the edit icon.


4. Add the eventid and key from the audience URL (URL format:


 The app passes over the following data:

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Company Size

Once the ON24 Webinar Registration App is added to the Oracle Eloqua catalog, it can be added as an action step on the Oracle Eloqua Campaign Canvas. When contacts enter the ON24 Webinar Registration action step, Oracle Eloqua calls out to the app, and the app responds by delivering the registration information to the ON24 platform (with the field mappings specified in the configuration). Then ON24 Webinar Registration App then informs Oracle Eloqua that the process is complete, so the campaign can move on to the next step in the workflow.

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